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  1. brightling added a post in a topic Does Smoking Cigarretes Make Red/purple Marks Fade Slower?   

    I noticed a difference within days but to be honest I felt like every cigarette I had was eating away at my collagen whenever I smoked the last few months so maybe some was in my head lol...but I don't feel like it was cause I have tried smoking and using nicotine in other ways since then and my skin always seems to revert back to looking all gross and atrophied every time i try to use nicotine in any way; it sucks. Either way my skin defintitely looked and healed better in like 3 months. It became plumper, moister, and more elastic (like when I was a smoker if I got creases on my face from sleeping they used to take like all freaking day to go away but that is not the case anymore ). I had noticed I was starting to get the beginning of wrinkles before that but it doesn't seem like it anymore. It also seemed to make any scarring I had way less noticeable but between the adderall and all the cigarettes I was smoking it could be that there was like no blood flow whatsoever to my skin until I finally quit smoking (maybe this accounts for the huge difference I see).

    Its weird though, cause I think nicotine was actually having a lessening affect on my acne--though it was at the expense of my in the end i feel it was doing more harm than good. All I know is whenever I tried to quit all hell would break loose and my acne would get really bad. It probably has something to do with the stress but I also think it might have something to do with the fact that nicotine decreases testosterone (testosterone is responsible for the zit hormones).
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  2. brightling added a post in a topic Question For Adults That Took Accutane   

    Nope....plenty of people take accutane multiple times (especially if they do it low dose) but it can be years in between some people's courses--and what the OP said about the idea behind accutane for teens is correct; this is why women are usually told that if their acne is caused by their hormones it will only work temporarily for them--its also why their usually instructed to keep taking birth control. I took accutane for three months at a low dose and it kept me clear for like 6 months, but then I quit taking spiro and i'm pretty sure the change in hormones just reset everything accutane did (back to square one). I mean sure, we could theorize that it was the spiro that cleared me and not the accutane but if thats the case then going back on spiro would've cleared me again and it did not (lol not at all unfortunately). Its been 6 months since then and im one month into a second accutane coure--or I am basically just finishing that first one---and I'm already clear (I also waited until now to quit spiro again b/c I don't want the same thing to happen).

    Whats interesting is that even just from 3 months of low dose accutane my skin became all dry and rough looking--and it stayed that way until i started messing with my hormones. To tell the truth I was actually kind of relieved... I just kept taking less and less of spiro and getting more and more glowy and a little oily (which i liked) but when I finally tapered all the way off spiro--omg I suddenly became so freaking oily its not even funny and and it just never stopped after that! Makes me so embarrassed to see pictures from then because I look so disgusting. I fucking hate spiro. It probably seems like I am directing my anger towards the wrong medication but trust me spiro was never anything but trouble for me and I believe it upset the balance of my hormones long before I started messing with the dosage (I was constantly depressed and bloated on it, and I'd also stopped getting my period which is basically the opposite of what's supposed to happen).

    Anyways, I guess my advice is to go for it (accutane) if you're in good health and think you can handle all the potentially permanent side effects but either stay on your birth control after accutane or just pretend to take it throughout your course if you're not planning on staying on it cause a change in hormones could bring back your acne. To me it only makes it worth it if your acne is bad and mine was.

    LiveToRegret why not try to trigger some androgens or you know, jump start your hormones to get back your oil? Fucking with my hormones made my skin all glowy and plump again and i think messing with your hormones in general could do it--like even just starting or switching birth control might be able to do it. If you're one of those people who claims you'd rather have acne than whatever it is you're talking about in your name well now you can put your money where your mouth is (hopefully it will work for you).
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  3. brightling added a comment on a gallery image mini Me   

    With my neice. This is two years post Accutane run #4, and two years after laser treatments. I continued to lose more weight after this picture was taken. Down to 113 and I am 5'7" (used to be 5'8"... how about that?)
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  4. brightling added a post in a topic I Just Can't Deal With My Acne Anymore   

    Its only been 2 weeks! Antibiotics make it worse before it gets better and it takes over a month sometimes for them to work. You have to take them every 12 hours for them to work too, or the bacteria will grow resistant. I hate tetracycline. It only worked if i took it on an empty stomach and it made me sick to take it in an empty stomach--but i did it anyway cause I guess i'd rather be sick then have painful or pus filled zits on my face (kinda sad). Anyways, just keep using what your doctor gives you and you'll get clearer if you stick with it.
    Also, in the meantime you might want to get out and hang out with your friends--or at the very least go to the library or mall or something; walk your dog or whatever; just get out. You'll see that no one cares that you have acne. I see people with acne all the time and no one stares at them but me lol.
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  5. brightling added a post in a topic Does Smoking Cigarretes Make Red/purple Marks Fade Slower?   

    Yeah I know. Lol, it took me years to quit but once I finally did I was like wtf? Ignore all the BS they told you in school or in the nicorette commercials cause its not nearly as hard as they want you to believe (I mean it sucks but its definitely not the hardest thing I ever did; having bad acne was worse).
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  6. brightling added a post in a topic Photodynamic Therapy For Really Severe Acne   

    I hope it works for you then but if its any consolation accutane isn't a permanent cure for a lot of people either.
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  7. brightling added a post in a topic Does Smoking Cigarretes Make Red/purple Marks Fade Slower?   

    Dude don't use acids or retins if you're a regular smoker because YES, nicotine is TERRIBLE for your skin and one of the reasons it prematurely ages it is that it slows down your healing (basically retards it if you wanna know the truth) and it also slows down collagen production and keeps your skin from getting oxygen and the nutrients it needs to renew itself. Retin a and BHA (salicylic acid) are exfoliants and one of the things they do is they basically eat away at the top layer of your skin. If you're skin is renewing itself its not usually a problem (though even then it can be for some) but if you're a smoker or even just a crappy healer it can give you bad pitted skin texture and yes, lingering PIH. Antibiotics can also make your red marks last forever so if you're on them it'll take forever whether you smoke or not. You know what else sucks about smoking? Your body has to use up all its antioxidants and vitamins top fix the damage that it does so nothing is left over for your skin (unfortunately, your skin is not your body's main priority). Vitamin c in particular is used up really fast so maybe start supplementing though really, smokers have shitty vitamin absorption and besides that its not gonna do much if your skin can't get oxygen (honestly, your skin is just fucked). You should quit; that's what I did.
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  8. brightling added a post in a topic Photodynamic Therapy For Really Severe Acne   

    Did you take your antibiotics every 12 hours every day at the same times? If not, this could be the reason they didnt work for you. The antibiotics need to be in your bloodstream 24/7 or the acne bacteria can rebound and grow even stronger. I would try again if I were you cause antibiotics can clear you way faster than accutane if you take them correctly. If you're under 16 its probably not a good idea to go n accutane anyways, but if you are over that age you should just explain to your parents that your acne is giving your major anxiety and self esteem issues and it might even scar you. Maybe that will change their minds.
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  9. brightling added a post in a topic Photodynamic Therapy For Really Severe Acne   

    It's not permanent if that's what you're asking and from what I've read it's not any more effective than painless bluelight therapy. Why are you unwilling to try accutane? Alls I will say is if you have severe acne don't waste your time and $$$ on this photodynamic shit and at the very least, give low dose accutane a try. If your acne is severe this med will most likely be worth it for you (unless you have some sort of health issue--in that case maybe don't do it). I started it low dose last month and I've already been clear for the past 2 weeks--I was also on it for three months last year and nothing horrible happened to me. Anyways, try not to be so dramatic (no last resorts) because it could be that nothing can cure your acne permanently (its not uncommon) and if this is the case you just have to find a way to control it. Accutane could be one of those ways b/c maybe it'll come back milder.
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  10. brightling added a post in a topic Cyst Killer   

    Why don't you just buy an acne bluelight? Blue LED is supposed to work the same as the sun without the harmful rays. Look it up; blue LED light therapy has been proven effective and it will probably be effective for you if the sun is. There are lots of handheld devices you can get--the only thing is they can get expensive. Dont try to get around it by buying a cheap LED bulb either, cause it probably doesn't work as well---plus you'd probably have to sit around turning your head this way and that, using it for like 1/2 an hour. Maybe get one from the LED Man; there are a bunch of threads around here on him and his lights. I bought one from him and I like it though its not an acne light (psssh probably should be considering I recently had to go on accutane but whatever). I like the size of his lights. I dunno if we're allowed to post links here but just search "led man" on google and his site is one of the first to pop up.
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  11. brightling added a post in a topic Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne   

    Oh yeah, i dont think you're alone there. I find it ironic that zinc and b vitamins are always touted as acne cures. Zinc supplements can cause or worsen acne and oily skin in some because most of the zinc supplements usually come with a massive dose of B6. Excessive amounts of vitamins B6 and B12 are known to cause or worsen acne and oily skin in some people; take a B complex if you don't believe me. Besides that, too much zinc suppresses your immune system and whats too much for me might be too little for you so you just never know. In my experience, taking too much of any one vitamin just makes my skin worse. I think its probably because it upsets the balance of everything even more.

    I love D3 and the idea of it being a "prohormone," instead of a vitamin but meh, i'm stuck with this giant bottle of D3 1000IU so i only take it every other day and i always feel like I have to take magnesium b/c of it which just annoys me (ugh, too many vitamins). But have any of you guys tried using D3 topically? I have this Ocean Potion "anti-aging" SPF with D3 and I swear to god it totally makes my skin all healthy and supple. I know that sounds lame cause its just a cheap sunscreen but its the only thing I've changed--plus I'm on accutane, so my skin was looking pretty rough before i started using it, (or okay, it was looking like absolute crap). Anyways, I looked up topical D3 when I realized the SPF could be doing good things for my skin and I found some article that was touting it as a miracle ingredient for a facial cream or something. I can't find it anymore so now i'm wondering if anyone else knows anything about this? I just ordered a D3 moisturizer with something like 10,000 IU of D3 but now I wonder if that means I will have to stop taking it orally...I prolly don't need to be getting toxic levels of both D and A but lol, I guess its better to be balanced right?
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