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  1. Helton added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Have you tried using Retin A after the tane?
    From what I have read, people need to be on Retin A after tane in order to keep the skin clear for long term
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  2. Helton added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    Hey Accutane buddy! It's been a while!
    Great to see everything's going well with u!

    Just a bit update to u if u r interested, haha!
    I am doing great here! Skin really cleared up. I literally don't even know what's benzoyl peroxide anymore, haha!!! It's awesome!
    I just got bumped up to 80 mg a day for this month, lost track of the months already... but I think I started at the same time as u
    I got a bit break out on my cheeks when I started to take 80mg initially, but nothing seriously, just a bump or two.
    My skin isn't crazily dry though, my lips aren't crazily chopped like people always experience, I just slather on vaseline before I go to bed, and then the next day I don't even have to wear any lipstick while out. ( Although if I forget to put vaseline on at night then my lips would 100% be super dry the next day)
    I use Ivory soap to wash my face with hot water at night, scrub my nose with the scrubby thing that I got if it feels rough to touch. And I don't use any moisturizer on my skin. In the morning I don't wash, just wake up and head to sch like a mindless zombie, haha!
    I think it's different for each person on how our skin react, I personally only experienced the super dry effect during the few two months and then my skin just balance itself out but still slightly on the dry side. No bone/ankle/back pain at all too. Except I did get fatigue more easily during the first month.

    Hope things will continue to get better for u!
    I probably won't log on here much from now on, seriously for the past few months, I have been touching my face and sleeping on my side occasionally, yet I am still doing fine!
    And I can picture you being completely recover at the end of the course already! Hang in there!
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  3. Helton added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    That's great to hear!
    My Accutane's treating me well so far; I agree with you completely on the hair part~ My hair feels so niceeee, I used to have to wash it everyday or it gets greasy X_X
    My skin is going through the stage where the break outs died down and they are slowly peeling off which is a good sign to know they are renewing, scrubbing is no good during this stage so I am just going to look crazy

    You don't really have to do the fish oil/olive oil thing as long as u r eating a meal with fat in it. I just get lazy some time and eat like a piece of toast for breakfast then rush out to school, that's when the fish oil pill comes in handy
    But I like fish oil because of the omega 3 + the fat content, I also eat alot chia seed for the omega 3 too, they are good stuff
    And I agree olive oil tastes awful on its own, it burns my throat too X_X
    Maybe u can have a spoon of avocado when taking ur pill, it's full of good fat too

    I hope the rash/bumps on ur hand and foot will heal soon!
    And it will FOR SURE worth it at the end!
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  4. Helton added a post in a topic Just Had Ablative Fraxel:repair And Ultrapulse Co2 With Photos   

    "Oh fuck"
    That's what I said right when I saw this photo, haha!

    I hope you will recover soon!

    * This is not related to laser
    But I want to know if you have any opinions about dermabrasion?
    Like the real one, not the micro one.
    What do you think of it compared to laser like Fraxel Repair?
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  5. Helton added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    Hey Accutane Buddy!
    How have you been?

    Have you tried taking fish oil with the pills yet? I stopped taking my pill with olive oil, only with fish oil pill now~ ( The olive oil was too much work! I need to pour it on the spoon and all that... I am too lazyyyy, haha!!! Would be better if it were in pill form though... )
    I haven't experienced any dry eyes so far on my course .( In fact the only things that I am experiencing are some random break outs, and dry lips, )
    Maybe the fish oil plays a role in this! It's even supposed to help with joint pain on Accutane which I haven't experienced.

    Hope all is well!
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  6. Helton added a post in a topic Subcision Done & Sharing The Rest Of The Journey.   

    Good luck on your procedure! I can see improvements already in the day 2 photo.
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  7. Helton added a post in a topic Best Treatment For Nose Pits? (Pics)   

    I have something like that too.
    I am thinking about dermabrasion, not the micro one. But I haven't consulted a plastic surgeon yet, I will wait and see.
    For the mean time, I always use primer + foundation to cover them up, I would say they are better by at least 70%
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  8. Helton added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    You should do this more often, haha!
    Stress is no good!

    My outfit everyday to school screams I DON'T GIVE A FK - an over size jacket that I took from my BF, T shirt, sweat pants, messy hair with a hat.
    It's so relaxing to wear something warm and comfy while not having to worry what other people think.
    ( But of course my BF is forbid to see me dressing up like this, hahaha )
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  9. Helton added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    I think the guideline is just for actual vitamin supplements, like Vitamin A. Although I don't think accutane is the same as just any vitamin A, I guess we shouldn't get anymore of it so it wouldn't be interfering.
    However, things like oil shouldn't be a problem because it doesn't have any vitamins in it.

    When you choose a olive oil capsule, just make sure it's organic, cold pressed, extra virgin and all that jazzzzzz, haha!
    It could be beneficial, but not harmful as long as you are not eating excess amount of fat from other sources daily.
    Plus, you don't really need to add more fat if you are taking the accutane pill with a normal meal cooked with oil.
    Olive oil is nice though, people feed their puppies olive oil to make their fur shine. I would like my hair to shine, hehe
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  10. Helton added a post in a topic 15 Year Old Female- Roaccutane Uk- Let's Do This! (Pictures Included)   

    Hey, Accutane buddy!
    Just dropped by and checked out your log.
    Everything looks good and seems to be on track, and I can already tell you are going to clear up so beautifully!

    One thing I do regarding sun protection, beside sunblock, I also use a visor whenever I am out in the sun
    It's awesome, doesn't mess up my hair and I can easily take it off unlike regular hats
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  11. Helton added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    * Dear diary *
    I just got prescribed Accutane and my "insurance" covered it, yaya! My insurance is provided by our city for local residents, and only covers the very basics.
    It was really surprising because they didn't include it in their program half a year ago, so after that I finally saved up an extra two grands to pay at my own expanse. Then a week ago when I checked back, my doctor sent letters and helped me to convince them to cover for me.
    I was optimistic during that whole time when I was saving up money because luckily the acne on my face is manageable, no bumps, a bit of foundation is enough to cover the pores and redness. However, my back acne is getting a bit out of control. And let's face it, I really don't like it when I break out on my face. So might as well kill two birds with one stone, get rid of the back acne, and help to prevent breakouts on my face at the same time!
    I will be starting a log soon when I finally go pick up the pills, going to start at 20mg per day, then 60mg after that and so on.
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  12. Helton added a post in a topic Tired Of This..   

    My psychology class actually just started a subject relating to self esteem.
    So what's self esteem - it's the difference between "actual self" and "expectation".
    The closer of your "expectation" to your "actual self", the higher your esteem will be, and vice versa.
    For example, some people would commit suicide because they got a grade less than an "A", that's because they have abnormally high "expectation" to themselves, and they don't know how to cope with it when their "actual self" doesn't fit the "expectation".
    And true story, that happens to students in Universities.

    So relating this to your concern, your parents say you look good, but you don't think so.
    Maybe they are telling the truth, but you don't see it because you are holding a high "expectation" to yourself. (Which isn't a bad thing at all)
    Not telling you to lower your standard, but maybe try to take it easy on yourself.
    ( And I totally believe they are telling the truth, looking at your profile photo it confuses me why wouldn't you think you look gorgeous.)

    Just the same as most people would think getting a B or just passing a class would be satisfied enough, why insist on getting an A when you could still feel happy and relaxed with a B.
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  13. Helton added a post in a topic Third Course Of Accutane   

    Sunscreen's not enough alone, wear a black colored hat should help!

    Doesn't the iPeidge thing regulate people to only go 6 months max for Accutane?
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  14. Helton added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    For that bump, I recommend using ice on it a few times through out the day for like 10 mins each, and then apply retin A on it before going to bed~
    Personally when I do that to those kind of bumps, they always wouldn't develop a white head and just subside in like couple days.
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  15. Helton added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    You look amazing!!! I don't see any blemish anywhere.
    But what's those square marks, ike matt thing on your face? Is it just the shadow?
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