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  1. Well. to make a long story short. This is my last resort for acne. I'm suffering from severe adult cystic acne. At this point I'm resistant to most antibiotics, I can't tolerate topicals treatments because I also have rosacea and and Accutane causes a severe reaction in my case. I'm considering Photodinamic Therapy as my last choice, to avoid more scarring in my face. But I have a big concern about it : Is there a risk of damaging the facial hair follicles with PDT? I don't want to risk losing part of my beard. I know that IPL can destroy the hair follicles, but what about PDT? As far as I know some doctors use IPL instead of blue light to activate Levulan, but they don't usually advice against this possible side effect. For those males who have gone through PDT, have you seen a reduction of your facial hair?