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    I am middle-aged and have had acne most of my life. I do agree with some of the posters that a good diet and exercise are important, but some people have acne just the same. And I do acknowledge that just about everything works for some people - each person has to find what is best for them. The only 2 things that have really helped me were being on birth control pills and Accutane. Unfortunately, I am too old for the pill now. I have found that a low maintenance dosage of Accutane works best for me, although I don't feel like I should take it constantly. I am getting ready to try the OCM, not expecting a miracle, just willing to try anything that might help some. I do have a question though. I have read through this entire thread and noticed that quite a few of the people that say not to even try the OCM because it will make things worse recommend using the products on the Paula's Choice site. Just a coincidence or are those products that different and that much better than anything else out there?
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