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  1. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    i feel like ive found a way to control my skin from breaking out like crazy
    but its not cured yet.
    and i dont really have super oily skin personally... but when i use this aloe vera spray that i got from Sprouts it really works at keeping me matte but not drying my skin out bad.
    i take just regular cinnamon (with cassa ) with any meal that i suspect will raise my blood sugar
    so with fruit
    and if i eat anything im not suppose to! like ice cream or fried food which ive been doing again.. ugh. lol
    but the cinnamon helps
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  2. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    hey girl! you look beautiful with and without makeup
    you did good!
    im still playing the guessing game.
    taking cinnamon pills after every meal clears me up almost overnight.
    and keeps me from breaking out
    so now i think i have insulin resistance.
    they work like a dream!
    but i know too much is bad so i bought alpha lipoic acid (ala) which i think i remember you take them too? right?
    and q-absorb co-q10
    and so far so good!

    i had an ultrasound done and the doctor called me but i missed the call
    and when i call back she was gone for the day and they said she wont be back til september 3rd, and only she can tell me the results!
    so thats a bit frustrating!
    i just hope they arent bad.

    k well!
    i hope the facials are going well
    wanted to see how you were!!!
    keep fighting!
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  3. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    hey girl! so i went to the doctor, and just like you mentioned here, she immediately said birth control! in my head i thought "noooo" but i just listened to what she had to say and she ended up giving me 4 months worth of beyaz, which i was supposed to start today, but im not going to.
    i also gave up the raw diet cause it was so bland and not filling. now im doing paleo and im actually enjoying everything i eat! eggs, chicken, beef, fruit, veggies, etc. the food is actually satisfying that i dont crave bread or grains or processed junk. my skin seems to be liking it too.
    i hope things get figured out for you
    im realizing doctors arent for me. id love to find one that believes in diet and holistic healing, i need to do my research.
    i have an ultrasound appointment on the 31st. so thats a step in the right direction i think. hehe sorry for rambling.
    i hope youre doing alright!<3
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  4. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    sorry to hear that
    i seem to always have recommendations
    and heres a new one! lol
    it is A-MAZ-ING.
    although i havent really noticed a huge increase in energy, ive noticed a glow in my skin..
    and it also seems to have healed an infection i had in an un-mentionalble area which is awesome.
    it regulates blood sugar levels.. and gives a lot of nutrients from plant based sources that arent always easy to incorporate everyday, you know?
    i dont know, i just love it so far. haah
    i havent been as strict on my diet, no longer fullyyyy raw cause i eat chicken now<3 but the only bad stuff ive been eating, still, are chips and salsa.
    ive had more salt in my diet lately, but i havent noticed any negative effects
    well.. i did have a headache yesterday. so i guess thats negative lol
    i really see an improvement though in my skin.
    and ive been meaning to ask you!!
    how did the msm cream work out? are you still using it?
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  5. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    thats great! ive been seeing improvement.
    but its on and off, somehow?
    one day i wake up and my skin looks nicer and glowy, etc.
    the next day its red and splotchy...
    so i dont know.
    its hard to tell sometimes if im making progress at all..
    but the acne that i do get is less inflamed! and much smaller than usual. so id say thats good
    and for the cucumber juice i just make my own! haha i have a juicer
    i juice 2 cucumber, 3 celery stalks, and 1 apple. and its really refreshing!
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  6. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    youre face looks great!!!! and to respond the the comment you left on my page im glad you tried the cucumber juice
    it really is sooo yummy!
    its my new breakfast instead of cereal
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  7. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Took Probiotics...   

    i broke out really bad from probiotics as well. mostly on my forehead and i took milk thistle and it cleared it up pretty quickly. i just figured it was because the probiotics had dairy in them, and they werent the best brand. they say its best to get probiotic pills that are refridgerated, otherwise theyre dead and do nothing. and i recommend water kefir, instead of the dairy, but thats just me. :]
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  8. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    well if the glutathione helps with insulin than i'm sure it might be helping
    and yeeahhhh the saw palmetto made me feel soooo slow and groggy it wasnt worth it anymore.. but the acne came back sadly
    i'd use it religiously otherwise...
    and yeah.. i think fruit is fine.. the lower sugar ones of course im eating an apple right now in fact
    yeah i take turmeric in pill form, once a day at dinner, not sure how well its working.. but i know its good for detoxing the body
    weird thing..... my red marks are lightening up but the texture of my skin has been looking so much worse... like noticeably uneven
    i do the taping method followed by apple cider vinegar toner EVERY night which might be too harsh i think now..
    wah lol
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  9. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    good to hear from you as well!
    i still take saw palmetto, just a lot less. twice a day, sometimes just once. cause ive incorporated other herb supplements that decrease testosterone.
    yeah ive been trying to stick to a low Gl diet as well, but i looove fruit and cereal, its gonna be hard to eat primarly veggies, but i can do this
    ill look into glutathione myself, sounds promising.
    if there's one thing i recommend.. its turmeric, its really helped with my sleep.. i sleep a lot better, and no nightmares since ive been on it.
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  10. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    sigh.. im sorry to hear that
    ive been having a decline as well..
    still trying to stick to herbs and healthy eating
    my leftover acne marks are looking a little better
    but im still breaking out..
    which will probably just leave new acne marks.
    my hope is diminishing.
    but i refuse to give up, since i only found out about PCOS 3 months ago.
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  11. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    your skin is looking a lot less red and irritated thats good!
    ive been wanting to try probiotics. what did you take?
    the last one i tried broke me out horribly!!!
    all over my forehead especially
    i didnt realize it contained dairy and im pretty sure thats why my skin reacted that way

    and as far as makeup goes
    im back to maybelline superstay i found the shade "classic ivory" almost too dark but closer than the others i've been using which were porcelain ivory and sand beige.
    this foundation just sits so well on my skin and doesnt wear off. i can deal with it looking a bit dark its not too drastic now that i found the classic ivory! especially with summer coming up i think it will be fine
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  12. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    how strange!
    my skin has been acting up to
    i know its not ovulation for me though..
    could be lack of sleep lately, and feeling a bit depressed over some life issues lately.
    but i still binged today hehe.
    dont be discouraged k? i really dont think fruit or wheat are the culprit here.. and they may actually benefit you
    i eat both everyday with no heavy breakouts (or any for that matter).. my skin has been getting better, aside from today and yesterday
    but again.. i think its just lack of sleep and blah blah blah
    or maybe its cause i switched my foundation? who the hell knows lol
    i barely even care about the breakouts anymore to be honest!
    im more concerned with my red marks!
    theyre fading pretty well with my apple cider vinegar toner<3
    i believe in the stuff! sloweeelllyyy but surely!
    still hope the msm cream works
    you dont think thats what could be breaking you out do you?
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  13. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    i buy garlic then just let it sit in the pantry cause i dont know how to cook with it
    but i'm gonna start experimenting
    yeah raw foods is tough, i cant do it, i love cooked food, but im not eating as much of it
    just oatmeal and the occasional salmon with rice! yumm lol
    the simple moisturizer i use has spf > http://www.amazon.com/Simple-Protecting-Light-Moisturizer-Ounce/dp/B009RNUH7M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362687454&sr=8-1&keywords=simple+moisturizer+spf
    only spf 15 :/
    hasnt given me any problems so far though
    and yeah i let my moisturizer sit for like 5-10 minutes before makeup.
    when i used neutrogena foundation i never had to do that, it worked better with wet moisturizer and a wet sponge
    its just their color selection is terrible for fair skin :/ in my opinion.
    i really hope the msm cream works out for you
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  14. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    i never thought of adding garlic to an omelet... that's a good idea.
    i think im either lettiing the saw palmetto get to my head or its really messing me up..
    i feel so much slower, with my thought processes, and everything is hazy, do you feel like that at all?
    and yeah i cant give up fruit!
    its too yummy
    i almost tried the candida diet but i sorda knew i couldnt last
    i commend you for sticking it out though! that's good!
    im just sticking to a fruit and vegetable diet
    i eat organic cereal with almond milk, bread, rice, and oatmeal occasionally, all no nos for candida.. heh, but i cant resist and i dont think theyre hurting me in terms of acne goes.. at least i hope they arent

    i went to walmart to get the revlon foundation but they were out of the color "buff" and ivory looked wayyyy to light!
    but im kinda glad cause i played around with my foundations i have now and it actually looked really nice today..
    texture wise not so much, but an almost perfect color, slightly yellow but farrr from orange and pink! so i was happy
    just mixed the same foundations i have
    the maybelline superstay in sand beige and almay tlc in .. a pale color, i dont remember the name
    together they work really well for me
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  15. heyybrighteyes added a post in a topic Diet And Supplements Log   

    im curious to know your diet, have you posted that anywhere?
    i think you said youre following the candida diet, but what meals do you eat and stuff?
    and yeah my skin still breaks out here and there too its so disheartening, i want it to end so badly.
    i think i do experience some brain fog yes, but its not too major. i dont think....
    have fun on your trip
    im thinking of picking up some revlon colorstay today.. heard its good for fair skin color matches, im so sick of looking orange or pink.
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