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  1. hazbomb added a post in a topic How Much B5?   

    AKL, thanks for the info,

    Im currently taking 5 tablets (500mg tablet) a day spread over the whole day (1 tablet every 3 hours), taking with meals and also trying eat healthy too.

    I will invest in some B-Complex vitmains.
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  2. hazbomb added a post in a topic How Much B5?   

    Thanks for your reply.

    I used oxytetracycline tablets which I got from my doctor. They did work well to be fair but I kept getting rashes on my body so I had to stop. I then moved onto Panothen which I didnt think were great at all and noticed no difference after 2 months use. So have now started on b5

    I dont know whether to take more than 1 tablet a day.

    And dont know what else I should take to possibly combat hair thinning?
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  3. hazbomb added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    How Much B5?
    Hello all, very new to all this.

    I have minor Acne. A 26 year old male.

    Have just purchased b5 pantothenic acid as the reviews look pretty amazing. It clearly states on the box to take 1 a day with a meal and not to exceed the stated dose.

    However having looked at this and various other forums I can see people have been taking much more. Is this safe?

    I am also worried about my hair as I have read hair loss is an issue. I have thinning hair as it is

    Any thoughts or commened will be greatly appreciated.


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