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  1. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    EVERYONE. Please don't use 5-10 grams. Seriously. If we've learned anything from the b5 disaster, it's that mega dosing can have unintended side effects. We should be testing in the .5-1g range for now and report on any changes on a weekly or bi weekly basis.
  2. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I wonder if you need to take b5 along with inositol to get it to stop. In the other thread there was a theory that taking a huge dose of b5 and then cutting it out cold turkey was the problem. Apparently there were people that avoided the hair loss by tapering it down. I'm not sure how true that is. But he theory was that cutting it cold turkey messed with your b5 levels and b5 is actually needed for healthy hair. Something like that. Perhaps we can organize some trials. As in some people just take a specific dose of inositol for a few months and some people take it with a small dose of b5 and take pictures of their hair on a weekly basis and write entries based on what they observed. I also wonder if there are tests you can take for b5 levels. It it truly feels like the doctors we go to or the derms really don't have proper solutions for us since this hair loss was induced in such a strange way. We can figure out this solution but we need to organize some sort of trials with a decent number or participants and I think we'll be able to figure this out. Perhaps we can create a subreddit on Reddit because this website is pretty poorly designed. What do you guys think?