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  1. Thank you! And absolutely. Here they are:  A thousand knuckles thrown against the wall A border drawn between head and heart and soul A place to find and then forget, The tears that came as she tore her flesh The mouth that quivered as the knife caressed  The thoughts that swirled, then looped, then left Curving loathsome humiliation smiles The sound of mean laughter as it echoed inside for miles The looks of disgust, of fearful glances That gathered and piled and dug in trenches The burden of imaged deformity Created in synthetic monopoly  The loneliness of pain unexpressed The beauty found in so much ugliness Separate the chaff from the grain Some of us pass, some of us remain  
  2. Acne has had a profound negative impact on my emotional wellbeing. I've experienced and continue to deal with pretty severe social anxiety, depression and on rare occasions, suicidal ideation because of it. I'm sure many of you can relate. Yet, I've found that my struggle with acne and its permeation into almost every aspect of my life has also served as fuel for creative expression. Through music I have been able to channel the torment, humiliation and psychological pain into something cathartic and rather empowering. The expression of emotion into something tangible, like song, can be unbelievably therapeutic.  I would encourage anyone who is struggling with the psychological/emotional aspects of acne to perhaps try out different forms of creativity and art as an outlet for all of the pain and stress we as acne sufferers experience. It doesn't make the problem go away, but it does help you to feel proactive, gives voice to your struggle and helps to move the pain from the internal to the external, outside of yourself. It also serves as something for others to encounter and possibly connect to.  If anyone is interested, I have a band called "Quiet One", this is our soundcloud: The song "Chaff" specifically deals with my emotions surrounding acne and the feelings of isolation, alienation and unworthiness that I was experiencing because of the disease. Perhaps it might serve as a form of catharsis for other acne sufferers out there.