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  1. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Accutane Day 12   

    Mine got worse quite a few times then it would get worse and clear up again, but I wasn't totally clear until the 6th or 7th month. And the CeraVe cream works much better than the lotion from my experience. Many times I also just slather Aquaphor all over my face cause the dryness got that bad! But defiantly use Aquaphor on your lips! Its amazing! Good luck!
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  2. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Day Of My Dermatologist Appointment!   

    The trick is to stick with the products! Even if you think they aren't working or your acne is getting worse just keep using them! You wont really know the results for awhile because they tend not work for a few months! Good luck!
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  3. ls206816 added a blog entry in Battle with Acne   

    3 Months After Accutane
    So its been about 3 months since I've been off Acuutane, and the whole time I've been breaking out. So I made an appointment with my derm and she basically told me that the brand of Accutane I used (Claravis) does not work in many cases because it doesn't absorb into the body. So she told I could go on it again in another 9 months but for now she put me on Epiduo and told me to take probiotics and not to eat anything with Dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy, sugars. Which I think is insane and impossible for me to do, but I've defiantly tried to cut back quite a bit on those types of food. Also I will be getting my hormones tested because I think that also might be a cause of my breakouts.
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  4. ls206816 added a blog entry in Battle with Acne   

    9 Days Post Accutane.
    It's only been 9 days since I stopped Accutane and I'm already breaking out! I have very small white dots on the surface of my skin but in my cheeks I see clusters of cysts! I also noticed the pores in my cheeks have as enlarged.
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  5. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Week 1   

    Lol the worst is when your skin starts peeling during school! It's so bad! And no one ever told me! Advice ahead of time don't wear makeup! It will start peeling off during the day and looking really gross! And carry a little mirror around! I'm so glad I finished before I went back to school! Good luck
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  6. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Introduction   

    Honestly if you feel like the minocycline isn't working you should probably go off of it just because antibiotics can have some bad side effects to them too ( although dermatologists never tell you)

    There's a huge list of them and I didn't realize but when I was on them I had such bad stomach problems and no matter how many times I went to the hospital for terrible pain they could never find anything! But since getting off them I feel so much better but my stomachs not 100% and antibiotics never helped me abyway! I was on them for year and now I just finished accutane and finally have clear skin. I also had a ton of those little white bumps you mentioned and nothing ever cleared them up! I think I had little success with them using the loreàl Paris face wash that came with the scrubber I. The orange bottle and not wearing any makeup! Lol I literally tried everything! Good luck! I hope you have clear skin soon!
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  7. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Day 13- Itchy Scalp And Corners Of Mouth Hurting!   

    Tea tree oil is used for absorbing access oils so its probably not the best thing to do for your hair. Loreàl Paris has a good sulfate free line for dry hair and I love it! Here's a link:ème

    I don't know about the jojoba oil, I've never tried it. I personally used the Peter Thomas Roth viz 1000 hydration serum and any moisturizer and that did wonders for my dryness.

    I also used Aquaphor on my lips. I use the regular one (not the one made for your lips) and I put it very thickly all over my lips and around it. I apply it very heavily on the corners of my lips and then I make sure I sleep on my back that way none of it rubs off. It's not really the most comfortable or prettiest looking thing but its what I had to do. Also you need to do it because the corners hurt that most likely means they will eventually crack which is not pretty at all and hurts a lot! I think mine cracked twice! Also my favorite Chapstick to use is the Blistex medicated one in either the blue or red packaging. It has SPF 15 or 20 in it, but I felt it was the most effective at keeping my lips moisturized during the day.

    Good luck!
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  8. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry This Is Major!   

    Happy Birthday! Do glad to her you have clear skin! That's one of the best feelings in the world from us acne sufferers!
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  9. ls206816 added a blog entry in Battle with Acne   

    3 Days Post Accutane
    Hey everyone! I know I'm only been off Accutane for three days but I can already feel an improvement in dryness with my lips. I now can go with applying chapstick only about 3-4 times a day and not every 15 minutes! Also today I decided to buy a acne wash just as a preventive measure, so that hopefully my acne wont return. I'm still super paranoid! So I bought the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash with 1% Salicylic Acid. I figured that this was more on the gentle side of acne washes but I'm not really sure as I haven't used a acne wash that doesn't need a prescription in about 5 years! So I have tried every brand before and I'm not a big fan of Neutrogena at all! And I remember having little success with Clearasil and Acne Free before. Also eventually I will buy a scrub and probably start exfoliating once or twice a week but that wont be until I notice my skin starts moisturizing a little on its own. I still have some that are under the skin and have been there for maybe a month that just wont go away!

    Another thing I'm noticing is that my legs really hurt and I'm getting frequent headaches. Does anyone know if this might be from stopping Accutane?

    Thanks guys! I hope you guys are doing well with your treatments or enjoying clear skin!

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  10. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Week One On Accutane   

    Also just finished my 7 month course a couple days ago. I did have hair loss (quite a bit, nothing noticeable to anyone else) I had hair everywhere! Still do! Hoping this will get better soon! Take biotin while taking Accutane! And if you have hair loss tell your dermatologist they might recommend other things. I was recommended prenatal vitamins but decided not to take them just because those doses are meant for two people, the women and baby. So I just decided not to. But maybe take some iron. Good luck my Accutane was fantastic besides that! Also take some calcium because I did have some back and hip pain due to decrease in calcium levels (also common) Good luck!
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  11. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Day 10-Itchy Skin! Breakouts! Sore Gums?!   

    Itchy skin is just from the skin getting dry, its very common and I would say just about everyone gets it. I take super hot showers so that's definitely a factor as to why I have dry skin! Just use a lot of lotion and a moisturizing body wash!

    When I was on Accutane I noticed new breakouts the first week. It was my skin probably just breaking out on its own like usual but it might have been from the Accutane. It doesn't really matter when your skin breaks out because it will eventually anyways. In my opinion I would rather have the initial breakout in the beginning then at the end, but I got them every time I increased my dose!

    My face got pretty red on Accutane to the point where people asked me if I was sunburnt. I always just said yes lol. But Eucerin makes a face lotion called Redness Solutions daily lotion, and it has a green tone to it to even out any redness.

    My gums where also very sensitive on Accutane. For me I know it was because my skin just got really thin (including the gums) so I was extremely prone to getting scratches, cutting, and bruising easily. So be very gentle with your skin! They make different types of tooth brushes (soft, medium, hard) so maybe buy ones with soft bristles and just go easy around your gums and don't use any whitening products because I felt more sensitivity when I did. Good luck!
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  12. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Hair Loss Stopped And Its All Back To Normal For Now   

    Just finished a 7 month course of Accutane a few days ago and I still have a ton of hair falling out! I'm also taking biotin but I'm not sure how much.
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  13. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Because Life Isn't Fair   

    Our courses are almost exactly the same! I remember we started at the same time and I just ended today, so we've been on this journey together for 7 months haha. I also had a small breakout last week but now it's cleared up! Honestly I spot treat with hand sanitizer and it drys them right up and then I put aquaphor on them so they heal faster. My pimples are gone within days! Definitely so relieved to be done with my course! I will also be looking at that website!
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  14. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry The Beginning Of My Roaccutane/accutane Treatment   

    Hey! I'm from the us so some of the stuff you said didn't really make sense to me! For some reason our clothing are called different things! But just wanted to say that I was 15 when I started accutane (now I'm 16 and today is my last day of accutane!) I was on it for 7 months and it was super crazy but worth it in the end! And some days I felt really crappy about my skin and some days I felt really good! Good luck with it and you can message me if you ever have any questions!
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  15. ls206816 added a comment on a blog entry Vitamins!   

    Whenever I start taking biotin it seems to break me out for the first month but then after that I'm usually fine!
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