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  1. April 04, 2017

    I haven't been on for a while now but I'm soooo elated to report that my acne has cleared up very nicely. It took 4 months for me to stop having active breakouts which was a result of patience but primarily due to the use of a 1% clindamycin gel, consistent use of the 15% AHA Neo Strata gel that made me break out in the first place and daily application of a aspirin honey mask for 4 months. The purging period initiated by that AHA gel was terrible and there were many occasions when I wanted to dump it in the bin but I'm so glad I stuck to it (still applying it everyday). Now I'm just tackling my numerous hyperpigmentation spots but I'm so happy that my skin texture is smooth again. I am finally able to use a face scrub again (ah, it's so relaxing) but I need to take the time off my day to apply that honey mask at least twice a week. I also went off birth control pills (Diane-35) which I was using to control my acne, because I didn't get a proper period for atleast half a year which scared me (although I did get frequent spotting which could be the abnormal period that my doctor was talking about). Anyway, I got paranoid and went off it 5 weeks ago and I finally got my period today which I am (oddly) happy about I sincerely hope that anybody reading this is one step closer to the light at the end of this acne tunnel, so to speak. Good luck and have a great day!