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  1. Jul 16, 2016

    Ahhh it feels so amazing to scrub my skin again!! I've had quite bad luck with my skin for the past couple of months so I strayed away from scrubs like they were the plague (I used chemical exfoliants though - namely Paula's Choice BHA and Neostrata 8AHA). I searched for a mild scrub, my favorite from the past was St. Ives Green Tea scrub (btw, it smells divinel!) but the only St. Ives scrub I could find were the apricot ones. NEVER and I mean NEVER use that jagged ass shit on your face ESPECIALLY if you have acne - it is extremely harsh and the sharp edges cause microtares in the skin! Trust me, I found out the hard way long time ago. So, I decided to buy the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily scrub because I heard the brand has pretty gentle products which I think my skin needs and I wanted to try the brand. I scrubbed my face immediately and oh mannnnn ~ my skin felt GLORIOUS! I had forgotten how refreshing it feels to scrub your face and feel good that the top dead skin layer is off and to feel like you have brighter and rejuvenated skin. I was worried that the size of the beads would be too small but I think at this stage, I need to slowly ease myself into scrubs again. Finally after such a long time I look forward to do my skincare routine just so that I can scrub my face every other day
  2. Jul 08, 2016

    Damn, I forgot to keep tabs on my blog.. My skin has been doing pretty great lately! I was skeptical and worried out of my mind that the stress during exam time would get to me and cause me to break out like it always have ever since I got acne. This year because I'm on birth control pills, I haven't broken out from exam stress at all! I really should've been on these pills sooner but I was living with my parents at that time and I'm sure they would not have agreed to get me a prescription. I remember the little mountains, craters and bumps all along my forehead, chin and cheeks. I have photos of me during that time and when I look back on them, I feel so broken to see that same girl looking back at me with sadness and low self-esteem. I hate feeling like that about myself. Lately I've been thinking about the number of minutes in my life I've spent away because of acne i.e. depression, unable to concentrate on my studies, being antisocial because I can see people focusing on face instead of what I'm saying and the time spent on my skin care routine, finding products, popping pimples, etc. Other people would just have to wash their face and perhaps just apply a moisturizer, spending all of 15 minutes. I've spent so much of my life after turning 16 years old focused just on my face. What a waste of life, ya know? ..