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  1. tca cross treatment 6th month update

    @dontgiveitup, if there ever was such a tragic thing as a scar doppelganger, you might be mine because my scarring is also primarily located on my cheeks in eerily similar boxscar and icepick patterns.   What's more is I also underwent two mixto procedures, as well as a TotalFX treatment prior to those, and had similarly disappointing results.  Although I do still wish to correct my scarring, I have come to live with it for the time being as it does not seem that any available treatments have truly proven effective for our type of scarring.  With that being said, I always do tend to want to veer back and start doing TCA Cross treatments because they seem to be the only treatment (& as a bonus, cost-effective) method for treating our scars that some studies seem to back. I've done them before, but not in enough frequency to really say how much they made a difference. If you do take the long road ahead with this journey, please do update us because really are scars & past experience are similar enough to help me judge whether I should follow you down this path or, as I am now, just wait for that more effective treatment to one day be released.