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  1. Hey guys, Some background: I have a really oily (and acne-prone) skin that's been bugging me for years. The only time my skin doesn't give me problem is when I am on Accutane. I've been on it for THREE courses, and have not seen any improvement in my skin post treatment. I stay in a warm tropical country, Singapore, with a very high humidity level of about on average 70% - which I believe strongly contributes to the oiliness of my skin. Some people have warned that over-washing the face may cause irritation which in turns cause more acne. As such I've always tried to wash my face only twice: Once in the afternoon and once at night. However, on some days where I have morning lessons, I have to wash my face as early as 6AM, and by early afternoon, my face would already be glistening - extremely uncomfortable and unsightly. I'm seriously concerned that this may cause my pores to be clogged. So is it alright if I actually wash my face thrice a day - Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night?