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  1. Experiences With Ziana? ++

    Ive been using Ziana nightly for 8 weeks, and my skin texture is flawless. Now planning to up the retinoid to help with hyperpigmentation since breakouts have stopped. Going to use up this tube, and then increase, but I highly recommend. I feel like it has been the saving grace for my surface acne, since my oral medications take care of the deep stuff!  Good luck to you! 
  2. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    It turns out i do have an intolerance of the minocycline, but thankfully I can manage it with Claritin and benadryl cream as needed, so I can stay on the Mino (since it's working), until/unless the reaction gets worse. Skin continues to improve every day, if I get a spot (a few a week instead of a few per day), it up and dies within 24 hours and the "scab" barely lives half a day before its peeled off- never to return. Even better, no more new red marks with every blemish. Just continuing to truck along, my Post-acne marks are improving, although VERY VERY slowly..but there is some indication that these marks just might fade totally someday...hopefully before I die. I am considering a laser treatment this winter to hopefully fade them a bit faster. The Laser didn't work for the Acne, but it just might help with the marks!
  3. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Closing in on 5 weeks of treatment and I am very happy with the progress for my acne. I had 3 pimples pop up overnight Saturday, but the ruptured Sunday morning, and are gone by today (tuesday). The healing time on any spots is absolutely incredible! Of course, nothing comes without a price, and over the last couple of weeks I have developed a rash on my upper and center chest area. I thought it was dry skin, or heat rash, or whatever, but it's gotten very red, itchy, and over the weekend started peeling off in sheets so we are pretty sure it is a cumulative reaction to the minocycline. I've started taking OTC Claritin and applying a mix of cortisone and benadryl cream a few times a day. It's helping. My pharmacist is also ordering me a different manufacturer for the Mino, becuase the fillers of medications often cause more reactions than the actual active ingredient so we are trying that before we scrap the mino altogether. To be honest, if I have to take the Claritin forever, and keep my excellent results with the Mino for my acne I am fine with that, however, allergies increase and expound with continued exposure, so it depends on how likely that will happen in this case if I stay on the Mino or not. A shame too, because it's the first med that ever worked for me
  4. Minocycline, How Does It Work?

    Have you tried the 100mg Mino with probiotics?? I have had leaky gut for decades, but find that with my daily probiotic ($45 at Sprouts) I have no stomach issues at this dose.
  5. Acne Drugs

    It depends on your type of acne. Superficial acne- whiteheads/blackheads and small pustules can usually be treated with topicals - BP, SA etc. Cystic acne- usually helped with antibiotics- i.e. Doxycycline Inflammatory Acne- antibiotics- Minocycline Hormonal Acne (if you are female)- Either Spironolactone or Birth control Pills All acne can and should be treated with oral and topical together- for example Minocycline/Doxycyline and Epiduo/Ziana/retin A etc... Go see your doctor, find out what type and severity of acne you have, and decide what options you have. I absolutely cannot take Accutane, birth control, or Spiro- but I have found good success with Minocycline and Ziana- even though the Mino didn't work for me before, and Duac failed too..., sometimes its finding the right combination of treatments.
  6. Don't Know Where To Turn

    If the solodyn- Epiduo combo worked before, go back on it. There is no permanent acne "Cure", just acne management. It's like taking insulin for diabetes, if your diabetes is controlled on insulin, of course it's not going to be controlled if you stop taking the insulin. Acne control medications are exactly the same concept. Go back on the regimen that worked, and take a good pro-biotic, and you should be on your way to clear again! Good luck!
  7. I have been having better success on Minocycline 100mg twice per day, because of the inflammatory nature of my acne. the Doxy 100mg twice a day is absolutely a "normal" dose, for a time, but then should be reduced for maintenance. Also, any time you take an antibiotic make sure you get a REALLY good probiotic- whole food/sprouts type stores have excellent ones that must be kept refrigerated, but are amazing for those of us who don't have Accutane as an option, and must control acne with antibiotics. Chat with your doctor and see if maybe they can change it up.
  8. Retin A

    Yes, very normal. Retinol is chemically exfoliating and bringing up all the junk in your pores. It does cause itching/flaking/dryness, and (for me at least) extreme oiliness. I combat this with a very, very light application of coconut oil in the shower after washing, and it has made a world of difference in not only preventing the flakey nasties, itching, and reducing the oil drastically, but also has helped my retinol work better! Good luck!
  9. What's The Next Step? Need Advice

    So glad you found something that is working for you! I had a LOT of oiliness when I started the Mino and Ziana, and once I ditched my commercial moisturizer I started putting a TEENY WEENSY bit of coconut oil on in she shower after washing. My oiliness disappeared, and my medications seemed to "turn the corner" and work like magic. Before that I just cut up toilet seat covers and used them to blot oil from my face every couple of hours. Murder on make-up but better than looking sweaty all day!
  10. In my experience, the decreased libido did not go away- because the medication is supposed to suppress androgens (male sex hormones) that are too high in your female body and are causing acne. I also did not see any improvement with my acne on Spiro- so I stopped taking it...clearly my acne was not related and losing more androgens just killed the sex drive. (In 8 months the side effect did not reduce, nor did the acne) Also, Welbutrin is known to reduce sex drive as well, so taking both of those medications, I am not surprised that you are struggling in this department. The reflux can be helped by first- dont take the medications within 30 minutes of lying down, and when you do lie down, lie on your right side so your esophagus is higher than your stomach. If you are experiencing reflux all the time (even when standing up) taking the medication with food can help, or consider a 24 hour acid reducer like Zantac or Prilosec OTC (check with your doctor first). If the medications work for you, and you want to continue taking them, you may have to sacrifice the sex drive. For me, it made sex like going to the gym...didn't look forward to it, but was generally happy once I "went", LOL. If that's more of a sacrifice then you want to make, there are other medications out there. I am having good results on Minocycline and Ziana, when mino and doxycycline didnt work for me before. Good luck!
  11. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Today is 4 weeks since starting the medications. Yesterday, my face turned some kind of corner and I woke up with amazing skin! Literally only a few *tiny* bumps, no brewing acne, no crusty spots, no clogged pores. I still have *every* acne mark I've ever had, so it still looks like a massive breakout on film (hence no pics), but the normal colored skin is soft, supple, glowing, and my WHOLE face is baby smooth. I wish I could pass of my acne marks as freckles, then I wouldnt "need" any make up..but freckles don't come in red/purple LOL. Even so, putting on my makeup this morning was an absolute breeze, and since the oiliness is totally GONE, Its stayed in place for the last 6 hours with no issues, or need to blot! I think it was the re-introduction of Coconut oil for a moisturizer that did it. I've tried to use it with OCM- total disaster, but I think that was too much. A very teeny tiny amount massaged in twice a day after washing has been a dream! Im also using it on my hair instead of chemical-laden product, and not only is my hair looking and feeling fabulous, but I think NOT having hair product rubbing off on my face is helping as well. One month- Going better than I dared to hope. Now to see what happens in the next 30 days (hormones be damned)... LOL
  12. Try a tiny bit of Extra Virgin, Cold-pressed organic coconut oil in the shower. massage it in, and pat dry (don't rub). Can be used all over, and you will never need lotion again. It takes care of dry skin, reduces sebum production, and controls oily skin and clears clogged pores. If coconut oil happens to be a bit too much for your particular skin- grapeseed is a nice, lighter oil as well.
  13. Coconut oil- Extra Virgin, cold-pressed organic. Teeny, tiny amount massaged in before getting out of the shower, pat dry. Hand down the best moisturizer ever!
  14. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Day 26: Had a breakout last week (thanks hormones), but it was relatively minor, and dried up in a couple days. Since this was my first PMS since starting the new regimen, I was curious how bad it would be. Normally I get 3-5 cysts, and a dozen or so pustules that camp out until the next ovulation cycle.., fun times. This time about 5 pustules popped up on Tuesday, and were drying up by Friday. So pretty good, Still improving, skin still Looks much worse than it feels. Will be adding some Frankenscense EO to my morning to improve the scarring a bit. Also, switched my moisturizer to Coconut Oil. It works so much better for me than the commercial stuff, and my skin feels much less inflamed, so soft and supple, and no more dry-itchiness from the Ziana. Still about 90-95% clear acne wise. no improvement on hyperpigmentation.
  15. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Day 19: No drastic changes/improvements. Still have a bunch of post-acne marks (which is expected), but no active acne, and no brewing spots, which is awesome. As before, if I couldn't see the purple marks, I would consider myself 95% clear, because my cheeks are so soft and smooth. They still look like acne riddled mess, so I'm still using full-coverage make-up, and still battling to keep makeup in place in triple-digit heat... but, I know that in the next few months those will fade. I got the Obagi skin corrector, and it smells really bad.. like burning chemicals, but is the highest rated mark reducer anywhere, so I'm going to try it out. I put it on in the morning with my sunscreen, and in the evenings after the Ziana. No changes yet, but it's only been a couple of weeks.
  16. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Day 7: Still getting better by the day. Yesterday I picked up some of the Kat Von' D Tattoo Foundation, and today is my first time trying it out. It covered EVERYTHING, every mark, my under eye circles, and made my skin perfect. There are 2 small areas (one on each cheek) that are still bumpy- But definitely improved from my whole darned face! Less oily, or maybe the "matte" properties of the make-up with my oil control moisturizer are doing their thing.. or maybe the retinoid oiliness is improving. Either way, all my make-up is where I put it 6 hours ago, so that's something. No active pimples at this time. Just a few drying up and dying. Had some flaking/peeling yesterday evening around my mouth, so I slathered on the moisturizer and put the Ziana on an hour or so later, carefully avoiding my mouth/nose area. It's all good today.
  17. Congratulations! Glad you found what your skin needed!!
  18. Retin-A // Clindagel?

    I really like the 10% Sulfur wash with Lavender for my AM/PM cleanser. and I use Clean and Clear Oil Control Moisture with SPF for daytime, and no moisturizer at night when I put on the Ziana (Clinda/trenitoin). Its gentle, and it's working. Good Luck!
  19. Ok, first- there is a difference between sul-FUR and Sul-FA. Sulfonamide (SulFA Drugs) is basically a molecule of Sulfur-Oxygen-Nitrogen-Hydrogen, and these are antibiotics that stop bacteria from reproducing. Lots of people are allergic to Sulfas. SulFITES- are molecules that contain sulfur that happen because of fermentation- like in Wine (it's what gives people a headache/hangover) SulFUR- is an element, a fractional part of the Sulfonomide or Sulfite molecules, and and is essential to life- NOBODY is allergic to Sulfur. So- Just becuase someone is allergic to Sulfa medications, they cannot be allergic to Sulfur cream/soap etc. They WILL be allergic to the antibiotic Sulfa or "Sulfacetamide" component of washes though, I personally LOVE my 10% Sulfur wash, and will never use another cleanser as long as I live. I get it for about $3 on Amazon, and it's amazing. 6 days of Sulfur wash, Clindamyacin/Trenitoin, and Minocycline, and I literally have a whole new face!
  20. Do Retinoids Reduce Oil Production?

    At the moment, I think the retinoid is increasing my oil production, I usually have mild oiliness, but since starting the retinoid.. slime city if I don't use an oil control moisturizer
  21. Minocycline

    Hi, I will share my 2 cents.. I take 100mg twice per day, and the plan is to do so for 4 months, then 50mg twice per day until FOREVER. It's ok to stay on the antibiotics for as long as they work, as long as one takes probiotics as well. I will say that eliminating dairy from my diet has made a HUGE difference, even before I stared the antibiotics. There is no such thing as clean, hormone free milk, and acne is absolutely impacted by all those Baby Cow Hormones we have no need for. I find that non-dairy alternatives are great, except for cultured coconut milk yogurt- that crap is nasty- and it has made a world of difference not only in the amount of acne I get, but the type as well. I don't get the big, deep, cystic masses that camp out for months anymore. Accutane is not very effective in persons my age, and causes changes in all parts of the body that - for me- aren't worth the risk, Antibiotics aren't great, but given that I can manage the risk with probiotic supplements, these are the best choice for me. Good luck to you all!
  22. Tazorac

    Sorry to hear how you are struggling, I understand and there is truly little in the world that sucks quite this much! I can say that I find Tazorac to be very helpful for bringing everything to a head, and drying it up, and I LOVE the sulfur wash! What dose of Minocycline are you on? 100mg twice a day has been really helpful for me to reduce the inflammation and breakouts with using the Sulfur wash and retinoids. Maybe a higher dose?? Also, I use Ziana daily, and Taz as a spot treatment, so maybe something with a topical antibiotic might help?? Can't hurt to ask your doctor, but PLEASE know that this initial breakout WILL end eventually, and the marks will fade. I am absolutely COVERED in bright purple-red marks, but once the acne itself goes flat, it is really easy to cover. There is light at the end of this horrible, long, dark, tunnel. Hang in there!
  23. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Day 6: So, this new regimen is working very well so far. If I was blind, I wouldn't even know I have acne. The hyperpigmentation marks are still there (obviously), and will be for awhile, so it looks angry and red. But the actual texture is flat, smooth, and soft. The Oiliness went away when I switched to the Clean and Clear Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF. There are a few small spots that are in the process of healing, a mere couple of days after popping up, but with a good full coverage foundation, my face looks flawless. Can't hide texture, and so to literally have NO bumps anywhere... this is awesome. The Ziana has not dried me out at all, no flaking or peeling, nada. Just soft, lovely skin! Spent some time out at the lake yesterday, and out on TONS of sunscreen. Luckily I did not burn or anything, but you know how you constantly wipe water off your face? I felt a little raw and sensitive last night when I washed my face, but that resolved by this morning. Hope the improvements, and lack of side effects/IB continue!