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  1. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Update: I'm still taking the Spiro at bedtime, but upped the dosage to 100mg, and added in Yasmin as I keep having recurrent cysts on my ovaries that need to stop. In the morning I use the Clindagel, and at night the Retinol. No real side effects- doing fine so far. No Cysts- haven't had any in a couple months YAY!! Some pustules that pop up, hang for a bit and then scab over... maybe 4 on my whole face. 2 by my mouth, one on my jaw, and one on my temple, and this weird spot that looks like an indented scab I've had for weeks now and I'm pretty sure is going to turn into an icepick scar, even though the pimple there was pretty minor and ruptured all by itself. No black heads or white heads ATM. Still have quite a bit of hyperpigmentation/scars. All in all, its working. Just being patient and waiting is hard...
  2. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    I hope the doc helped you with what you needed. I really like Spiro, as an adult in my 30's it has been a face-saver. Accutane doesn't work for us "older" ladies like it does for women in their teens/20s. From the research I did (also at my wits end) it helps while its being taken, but rebounds a few months after stopping and all those side effects and risks are for nothing. Also, because it's so drying, it ages skin faster- the last thing we need in our 30's and beyond! Its so frustrating dealing with acne, and having to worry about aging skin needs too!! The Spiro really makes a difference once you find that magic dose! Good luck!