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  1. Poll: what dosage of Spiro do you take?

    No BC, I take 50mg Spiro at night, and take "Steel Libido" supplements to help combat that particular side effect. Only been back on it a week, so no effect yet.
  2. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    1 week: One week on the "new" prescriptions...sort of. I've been taking the Spiro for a week, and using the Retin A. There was a failure at my pharmacy, so I didn't get the clindagel until last night. In the meantime, I did a very light 20% TCA peel on Tuesday. Peeled like crazy yesterday, and today am down to flakes on my cheeks/jaw. My forehead is still tight and papery and hasn't started flaking yet. The new skin is so smooth and pretty! (Except where there are still cysts/acne) My derm recommended Jessner peels as well, but at $135 each, every 2 weeks for 6-8 sessions, I noped all over that and bought my own to do at home. I will do my first one of those on the 19th. I just did the TCA to help shed off the majority of the old, nasty skin, and let the retin-a have a fighting chance. With the Spiro, I take 50mg at bedtime and have had less issues with fatigue and such (since I'm sleeping). The low dose isn't affecting my blood pressures, and while I do go to the bathroom constantly, I'm also drinking tons of water which is always a goal of mine living in the desert and all. No other side effects, although I've heard about period irregularities, I don't have a uterus so I can't speak to that effect. I currently have on lower face: 10 cysts (not inflamed today since I put the clindagel on last night- but they are also 2 weeks old so, who knows), 5 pustules- starting to dry out today after 6 days ~million milia/clogged pores/closed comedomes- extracted a few last night and immediately covered in clindagel, they did not inflame today like they normally would. Forehead and upper cheeks/nose are clear. So far, I can't say how anything is working, although the peels and the clindagel are promising. If I can extract a pimple/blackhead/whitehead and cover it with clindagel so there is no inflamed pimple the next day, it's a start to purging all this crap out of my face.
  3. Sulfur/mino/ziana Regimen

    Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I moved to CA, and needed no medication or anything and my skin was PERFECT, then I was forced to come back to AZ and my skin took a dive in the garbage!Of course, since coming back, my old regimen isn't doing a darned thing, so I saw the derm today.I'm almost to the cut off age for BCP for acne purposes, so she won't let me take that. My literal last hope is Retin A, Clinda gel, and Spiro. The very first regimen I was ever on, that never worked, and did nothing for me.... We've figured out that the 6 month chemical menopause they induced in 2010 for my severe hemorrhagic ovarian cysts fixed my ovaries, and totally screwed my hormones, most likely for LIFE. Since you can't take BCP for non-contraceptive reasons (I can't have more kids), then the risks outweigh the benefits, I have literally no more treatment options. The only thing to do is wait for menopause, and then just shrivel up into old age... yay.Despite changing everything I eat, everything I put on my face, hair, bedding, etc, carefully checking every single thing that comes in contact with my skin or goes into my body, I will ALWAYS have massive breakouts and will never, ever look in the mirror and not see a monster. Ever. Unless of course I move back to CA, or El Nino/global warming makes AZ have some iota of moisture...sigh.Been fighting this battle for almost 6 SOLID YEARS. And I have officially lost. Good luck to everyone else. I hope your journey doesn't end in total failure and self loathing like mine. Now my journey and path is figuring out how to be confident, happy, and feel like a human being, even with disgusting, scarred, ugly, and humiliating skin.