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  1. Amvc random scarring

    I feel your pain. My situation is perhaps not as bad as yours but I too have numerous random scars on my face, some look like acne scars and some don't. I know for a fact that at least some of them appeared in the absence of any acne lesions or skin damage, literally overnight. I know this because ever since I developed acne scarring I monitor my skin closely everyday. I won't lie, it is devastating when I see a new scar but what can I do? I have seen a dermatologist and he said he couldn't help. I am trying to accept my skin as it is. The one consolation is that the random scars tend to be shallower and less obvious than the acne scars. Also, I had a large acne pit excised recently as a sort of experiment to see how well my skin coped with an excision, the idea being that if it healed well I would have more scars excised . The wound has healed well but the texture of the skin on one side of the excision scar has changed and a couple of small ice pick scars developed around the stitches during healing. I think some people just have problem skin that is prone to this sort of thing. Most of my problems occur in and around areas where I have acne scars, i.e. my cheeks, so I wonder if maybe there is underlying damage from prior breakouts that is worsening and only becoming apparent now as I age (I am in my 40's).  My cheeks are a mess, but you know, things could be a lot worse.