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Zinc after ejaculating
on 01/12/2015
Every time I ejaculate I would get acne around my chin 3-4 days later. If I don't masturbate for 5 days straight my skin is usually clear. Semen contains 5mg of zinc so you lose that amount per ejaculation. Zinc helps in the metabolism of testosterone and inhibiting alpha-5 reductase. Both of which may trigger hormonal acne in men.<br/>I tried zinc picolinate and opti-zinc without success in the past, so I dismissed zinc as a possible solution. Then only a couple of weeks ago I tried a high strength zinc that contains 228mg of Zinc Gluconate which is equivalent to 30mg of elemental zinc per tablet. The key here is the amount of elemental zinc you are taking. The zinc and acne study they did put the subjects on 100mg of elemental zinc per day. But make sure you take a copper supplement as zinc blocks the absorption of copper in the body. The right ratio is 15:1 (ie. 15 parts of zinc to 1 part copper). The human body can not store zinc so you need a constant supply of zinc preferably through food. Too much zinc can become toxic to the body. The only major side-effect I experienced are constant nightmares.<br/>Anyways, if you get acne after masturbating try finding a zinc supplement that your body can assimilate to. Make sure it contains the right amount of elemental zinc for it to be effective.