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  1. Ph-rank added a post in a topic Mens Question   

    Try wet shaving with the Gillette Sensor excel razor. Dan and lots of CSR users recommend it, and you can use the CSR cleanser as a substitute shaving lather aswell.
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  2. Ph-rank added a post in a topic manuka oil - Cheap Emu oil there too - thanks to WindWaker for pointing the site out
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  3. Ph-rank added a post in a topic Casey's lil story..   

    YAY EXCELLENT. Now remember, you're young, you may need to keep this regimen up for a lnog time, so if you stop it to see if there's a reaction, do it gradually (in the future), but don't forget the regime, and treat your face gently and use a 'lil common sense with things

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  4. Ph-rank added a post in a topic Another two weeks   

    You might be sick of hearing this- but socialising n laughing with mates really does take things off your mind, n is a gd thing all round. I've felt down many days bout acne, n quite often i've forced meself to go out, chin up expecting a good time, even though I've felt uneasy, and things have worked out well

    We really do all know how you feel, been there done that
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  5. Ph-rank added a post in a topic This is insane   

    Tried going to the derm and asking him about aspirating it or cotisone injection - research this and look around though

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