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  1. redredred added a comment on a gallery image Before & After Spironolactone 6 months   

    6 months of progress!
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  2. redredred added a post in a topic Weight Changes With Spiro   

    Wow, thanks for tip 1 and the bit about melatonin. I never really thought about those two facts. I always find your posts to be so helpful, thank you!!!
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    Before & After Spironolactone 6 months

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    6 months of progress!
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  4. redredred added a post in a topic Weight Changes With Spiro   

    I have been on 150mg Spiro for 6 months and my weight has not changed at all.
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  5. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Day 60/day 43   

    I had a really rough time when I started using tretinoin after being on spiro for 1 month. The 2nd and 3rd month were hellish for me. My skin never seemed to get used to the retinoid and was constantly peeling, getting inflamed and breaking out. After 3 months my chin cleared and then by the end of the 4th month my cheeks did too. Around the same time my skin seemed to do much better with the retinoid and I think I am almost ready to get a stronger dose. Just stick with it and stay positive!
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  6. redredred added a comment on a gallery image Spiro Mid Week 8 1   

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  7. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Day 98 On Spironolactone -- Clear For The 3 Month Mark!   

    Wow, I'm at about ~2 months and things are starting to feel better. I hope I feel the same as you at 3! Good job sticking with it!!!
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  8. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Day 57 On Spironolactone - Ups And Downs And Working On Self-Esteem   

    This was very well written. I can relate on so many levels.

    I'm on the same regimen as you (100mg of sprio and 0.025% tretinoin). I'm not on an antibiotic though because I am allergic to a lot of them, so it is best for me to avoid them. I'm sort of wish I was because I feel like it would help with the impatience of waiting for 3-6 months for the spiro to take full effect. I have seen subtle improvements though, so I just need to be happy with that.

    Thank you for writing this and being so honest. As much as I want your pain to go away, it is nice to hear the same thoughts that I have from someone else. I'm glad you have a supportive boyfriend too. My boyfriend is supportive as well, but it is so obvious that he doesn't understand what is going on with me. It barely phases him. He'll often pretend to not even acknowledge my breakouts. I know he does it to prove that he doesn't care-- that he still thinks I'm beautiful, but I usually feel like he isn't taking me seriously. I just need to remind myself to be thankful and to know that he is doing his best.

    Its too easy to beat yourself up. You sound like a very thoughtful and intelligent person. While you may be "jealous" of other women's skin, I am sure you have many qualities that surpass their own. I look forward to hearing about your continued progress and wish you the best.
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  9. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Update!   

    I was already using CeraVe cream cleanser when my dermatologist recommended I switch to the foaming cleanser. I am big on natural products too, and I resisted switching to CeraVe to begin with, but I'm not regretting it now. I was really worried about it being drying, but it is fantastic. If you don't have something to kill the bacteria, you should at least be cleansing your face if you want to avoid an initial breakout.

    Good luck!
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  10. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Day 248   

    I'm at that stage too. My skin is starting to clear up nicely but I see lots of stuff just hanging out just below the surface of my skin. We will have to see! Good luck.
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  11. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Im Getting Annoyed.   

    JWaltersRN's post makes sense to me because a lot of cleanses include massive amounts of fruit juice and sugar (i.e. master cleanse) which have high glycemic indexes... linked to hormonal acne. If I was going to do a cleanse, I would look for something that still allows you to eat plenty of fiber and/or protein (lowers the GI) and focuses on vegetables and not just fruit juice or maple sugar (like the Master Cleanse). I've done cleanses before and the one I like best is an entire dietary system from Natural Systems that my college rowing coach recommended to me. It is probably one of the best cleanses out there but is not fun. Message me if you want more information about it. You can get the kits at most health food markets or order them online.

    If you want to do something simple, I would just go raw for awhile. Only eat vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and healthy oils. This would be low GI (wont encourage hormonal breakouts) and incredibly healthy. Just an idea.

    And beware if you're thinking about doing a fad cleanse like the Master Cleanse. I did it when I was younger and it totally messed up my digestive system. 5 years later and I am still suffering. Be careful and do your research! You don't want to do more harm then good.

    And sorry for lecturing you if you're already super familiar with cleanses! Haha, I just always feel like I need to warn people whenever I hear the word "cleanse" thrown around. Best of luck!
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  12. redredred added a post in a topic Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !   

    I'm not a doctor or scientist, but this is just my idea... as a woman...

    I have PCOS and one common symptom is higher levels and/or increased sensitivity to DHT. That is why many women are prescribed spironolactone to help block DHT from the hormone receptors. Saw palmetto is supposed to do the same thing.

    Men are not advised to take these medications unless they suffer from certain prostate problems but they are also known for helping with male pattern baldness. Too much of these medications can cause breast tissue growth in men... a.k.a feminization.

    If you're trying to do the same thing (lower DHT levels) by quitting masturbation why don't you just try saw palmetto instead. You'd be risking "feminization", but I would think there are probably other risks associated with not ejaculating for long periods of time. Isn't there a reason for "wet dreams"? It seems to me like the risks wouldn't be that different.

    But alas, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I doubt your methods will work, but I wish you all the best, nonetheless, and I hope I brought up at least a few points worth thinking about. The endocrine system is a complicated thing.
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  13. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Things Are Starting To Improve-- Pictures   

    How are things going for you now? I'm on spironolactone and I am about to start tretinoin and aczone. Hope all is well.
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  14. redredred added a comment on a blog entry Beginning Of Week 3   

    How is everything going?
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