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  1. Hey! How long ago was your treatment? Have you seen any improvement? Also thanks to everyone else for their input - I have been reading your comments and suggestions, and have decided to start derma rolling to see if it can reverse the damage. Been poking around online for more info and it does seem like an unfortunate effect some people experience. Haven't seen a lot of solutions though, but I do hope it'll fade in time. What this person described here is exactly what I have right now, since I don't think my photos show the damage too well: http://www.realself.com/question/enlarged-pores-texture-change-fraxel-restore-permanent-damage The "quilt-like texture" and my pores are definitely larger than they were before Fraxel. It looks horrid in natural light. And, of course, the only response is just "time" or yet another treatment, and frankly I'm afraid of doing any more lasers after this. I'm starting derma rolling with a 1mm roller once a month. Did my first treatment August 31st and so far haven't seen any changes, but I know it's going to be a long process. If anyone else has any more advice or input I would really love to hear it! Should I start doing TCA peels as well? I don't really know anything about it but may start looking into that too since I hear dermarolling + peels has much greater results compared to rolling alone. Thoughts? Since there's so little information on this side effect, I really don't know how to approach this - even derms don't seem to know what they're talking about when it comes to textural changes that stay months after Fraxel. I'm hoping I can treat these little pinholes like they're just little indented scars? Otherwise I'm not sure if all this rolling and peels would help. :s This is so frustrating.