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  1. finally clear.

    Hello, About 4 years ago, I started a log of my acne progression. I had extremely severe acne. Here is a link to the archived topic: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/324471-my-experiences-with-retin-a-tretinoin-w-photos/ Anyways, I kind of started a log that i never finished, so here I am today. Continuing where I left off, at week 15 of the regimen I was on, I was clearer than I was at the start, but not clear. For the next year and a half I kept using Retin-A but would always have stubborn black and white heads that seemed to never go away. I just wasnt progressing ever. Somewhere at the beginning of the year 2014, I came up with a conclusion that Retin-A just wasnt working for me. I was tired or using the cream with little to no results. In my mind I felt as if I was putting so many chemicals in my face, and I didnt really like the thought of that. So I decided to cut off using it forever. (Just in case you didnt feel like clicking the link) This is what my forehead looked like. After I stopped using Retin-A, my face just exploded with pimples and cysts and everything just popping out everywhere. This was around my Junior year of high school, so I was fairly depressed due to it. At the time my regimen only consisted of Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer, once in the morning and once at night. The results were extremely slow, but I ultimately, became clear. Around the middle of my senior year of high school, beginning of 2015, I looked myself in the mirror and I realized something: I had zero acne. After a year of not just using the cetaphil combo, my face was clear. (PS: everyone's skin is different so what works for me might not work for you) I was so suprised. I did not realize that I had come so far and how my face has cleared up so much. My acne could have just been hormonal/puberty, me having a terrible diet, genetics, or some other mental problem I was going through. But I actually got through it. This is the one thing in my life that I have actually been able to overcome, with superb results. Trust me, if I can become clear, you will become clear. It might be slow and it might affect your day to day life, but trust me, things will get better. I promise. Please look at the pictures that are still up on that post, and look at my skin now, it seems like I've never had acne. As of today, I am about 95% clear with a little bit of scarring and the occasional pimple here and there. I would be more detailed and have more information for you guys but its been almost 2 years and my memory is pretty terrible lol. Anyways, here is my skin one year ago at my senior year prom: