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    I found out 35 years ago that diet was the key and have been able to help my daughter who has the same condition, we ate any crap,fries,burgers,pizza,chocolate etc etc the key in our diet is to avoid chemical additives so your diet would work I imagine for us,healthy food is just a bonus for our bodies but don't prevent our now gone spots.
  2. In my case it's not eating healthy,I can eat fried food 3 x a day 7 days a week,it's finding out what your body rejects as a poison, for me it's chemical additives
  3. Diet?

    you don't describe how bad your acne is
  4. How I got rid of my acne

    I only ever wash my face in cold water with no soap, when this fails I resort to my dog mask
  5. Never ending acne

    I slice them open with a razor blade to relieve the pressure and they're gone in a few day's
  6. Never ending acne

    the same as I have started getting again after a 40 year break lol,gone back on a natural diet and might have narrowed it down to the cornflour on a elimination dietet
  7. Not popping spots challenge

    Hi, got a big deep down spot by my nose this week, sliced it with a razor and now's it's healing,apart from the spot the rest of my skin and my daughter's always remains healthy looking when she get's a spot or two
  8. Not popping spots challenge

    the spot has to be ripe ie pus inside somewhere,it's not always visible,if I get a huge one when it's ripe I insert a pin deep inside and push my fingers into my face to expel the pus.the trick is finding the right pore opening,then do it every 4 hours for 3 or 4 days until it's all gone
  9. I need help(pics included)

    Exactly how I feel,don't think many people will understand this but I can go to work and face people and I might get a comment "cut yourself" but to talk to someone with a huge red fleshing spot is horrible and for those of you thinking that popping (sticking pin 1/4 inch deep in cystic spot) and slicing must have left me with a face full of scars after 43 years,here is my pic at 58 years old.
  10. I need help(pics included)

    I will do anything like you rather than have a big cystic spot,I don't get many spots now but when I get a big one I slice it open with a razor blade and put 2 steri strips either side to make it look like I have cut myself by accident.
  11. I just got my skin back after an eruption on my chin, inadvertently drank some soup from a packet mix
  12. Possibly infected cyst-like zit.

    It's full, of pus deep inside,as it's affecting your eye I would see a doctor
  13. What is this hard pimple bump on my jawline?

    stop taking them,you're obviously having a bad reaction to them
  14. so are you acne free now ?
  15. Thyroid medication and cystic acne

    I am allergic to some of the chemicals they use to bind tablets getting huge spots,I have to take tablets daily and the doctor tried me on different brands and an now ok
  16. As requested Alex,I'm 58 years old, from 15 to 25 I had a huge spot every week,then when I found the cause 2 or 3 times a year I would get one,last 20 years,a spot every 3 or 4 years,always inserted a needle 1/4 into the spot and squeezed every 4 hours for 2 or 3 days but then started slicing them open with a razor blade Here is my daughter 24 who suffers from the same allergy,this spot is just starting to grow but the spot got huge
  17. do you find that certain mirrors in your home show a better complexion,while one mirror might show up spots more while another doesn't look so bad, just had an outbreak on my chin after 3 years spot free,but not a problem as next week will be spot free again after identifying a chemical additive in a meal at a restaurant earlier this week,so won't go there again.
  18. Any ideas? I need help!

    You hit the nail on the head Alex ' because the rest of your skin is really clear ' I have been warning people for a while now about the rest of the skin being clear, my family suffer in the same way,we have an allergy to chemical additives in instant food,like cup a soups,instant noodles,sauces,gravy granules etc 'just add boiling water,eat in 2 mins' and we have a 100 % success rate to prevention, I'm glad you recognised this and hope members seriously consider this, I have posted a pic of my daughter 24 a day or 2 after eating a meal containing chemical enhancers,she went on to develop a huge spot and a bit of a rash, how she normally looks chemical free,she uses no creams of any sort
  19. Quite right,having pus is an infection,anywhere else in your body that becomes infected and pus filled,a doctor won't say "oh we will leave it in there" they will clear the pus as a matter of urgency,they will clear the infection as well to stop it spreading. What's wrong will gently piercing the skin with a sterilized needle and removing the pus,have you any scars from an injection or blood test,pus is a poison in your body and I always squeezed deep down pus filled huge spots,if you leave it there it destroys the skin/tissue hence scars ,my photo ( posts )shows the result of squeezing constantly for 10 years and another 30 years occasionally squeezing and I wasn't just breaking the skin,I had to insert a needle 1/4 inside and eject the pus every 6 hours for 2 or 3 days and I have zero scars.
  20. they take months or years to shrink because you haven't drained the pus when they are fresh and active