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  1. There is no cure!

    find out what your allergic to,I did,it was so simple
  2. Its The Water! Wish I Knew 25 Years Ago!

    Glad you found your poison,I found mine so haven't suffered to bad for the last 25 years,it was chemical additives in food and drinks
  3. You must always carefully pop your pimples,imagine a doctor finding pus in your body and saying ' leave it alone it's only poison' if you leave the pus it will eat away at your skin that's what poison does
  4. Fighting Stubborn Pustular / Cystic Acne

    You're the first person i have known to drain the big spots just like me,it's finding the pore opening that's difficult then inserting a needle 1/4 in, then squeezing every 4 hours for 3 or 4 days

    I found out 35 years ago that diet was the key and have been able to help my daughter who has the same condition, we ate any crap,fries,burgers,pizza,chocolate etc etc the key in our diet is to avoid chemical additives so your diet would work I imagine for us,healthy food is just a bonus for our bodies but don't prevent our now gone spots.