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  1. Oily Sensitive Skin Clogged Pores - Please Help

    Hi there, I believe I know what's going on with your skin. For years my skin looked exactly like yours. I was using cleansers, and moisturizers, and topicals for nearly 10 years and nothing ever got better. I picked my skin a lot too which created problems. And the oiliness was always so extreme. I finally went on accutane which was amazing and totally stopped me from getting acne, but the quality of my skin was terrible. I then tried only washing my face with water and using moisturizer. I didn't break out and things looked ok with this regimen, but I still hated my skin. Then one day about 4 months ago I decided to stop using moisturizer so I was only splashing my face with water at night, the lightest my regimen had ever been, and something started to change. Of course my skin was dry at first, but it slowly started to adjust. And then my skin began to look better, more normal, healthier. It occurred to me that all the shit I was putting on and doing to my face was killing it. And then I started reading about the "Caveman Regimen" and things became clearer. This regimen talks about not washing your face with anything, not even water, for like 3 months. You develop this "dead skin mask" and after long enough, you scrape it off and New skin has formed. I could see that this was what I needed to do with my skin. You see my cheeks and mouth area always had beautiful skin, but it was my nose and forehead, where I always washed harder and applied topicals, that were so bad. I needed to just let my skin naturally heal. Nothing was ever wrong with it, it was all the shit I was doing to it that was the problem. I have not used anything on my face, cleanser or moisturizer, nothing, for nearly four months now. I do not even splash water on my face. The only time water touches my face is indirectly in the shower. And my skin is TRANSFORMING. The oiliness is gone, and all those dents and red spots that I thought would be there forever are starting to heal from the inside out. I know it will be a long time before my skin is fully healed, which makes sense given how long I abused it, and I know there will be some permanent scars and imperfections that will not go away. But I know that it will be healed one day if I just let it alone so the skin's natural healing process can happen. Your skin wants to be healthy. Give this a try and don't do anything to it for a while. Things are not gonna look good for a bit, but you will see that REAL healing is happening. I hope this helps you.