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  1. Stop The Picking! Support Log

    Why don't you try slightly puncturing the pimple with a clean needle? Only enough to relieve the pressure and then jump in the shower were the cleansing of the skin will clear out the pore. It's an alternative for my super sensitive , scar prone skin.
  2. hyperpigmentation or scarring?

    Just the lightest bit of scarring. Only noticeable since it made your skin slightly uneven. But ya a Retinoid will help with the scars and unevenskin. 
  3. Advice on Hormonal Acne

    It's good for inflammation. 
  4. It looks like mostly box scarring. Maybe a tad of ice picking. I personally went to the doctor and he gave me a tetranoid cream that makes you shed a few layers and reduces uneven skin and scarring. Besides the light flaking the first week or 2, I really like the results. Helped clear existing acne faster too