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  1. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Yeah even though I've done many sessions of silicone micro droplets, I do not tell anybody but my family about it. It's really not something to tell the whole world about since you don't want people blindly getting silicone injected to solve their problems. My doctor told me how silicone injections got bad rep from careless doctors injecting cheap industrial grade silicone on their patients, which led to a lot of problems in the future. A lot of people on this forum will only recommend permanent fillers as last resort and that's exactly what I did. I've done multiple treatments of laser, subcision, and microneedling with very little improvement, so this was the last thing on the list for me. But I have to honest though, silicone microdroplets really did change my life drastically. I'm finally moving on with my life since the past 3 years of being completely obsessed with my acne scars. I wouldn't say I look completely normal but more to the point where I'm not bothered by them anymore.
  2. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    By silicone injections you mean silicone micro droplet right. I've been doing silicone micro droplet treatment for a while now and yeah this treatment is pretty good. Honestly it's the only scar treatment I got that gave my any noticeable improvement. By noticeable I mean really noticeable. Definitely works best on rolling and boxcar. Dang I remember I used to get soo depressed whenever I saw myself in the mirror, but now I kinda feel like a normal human being. Anyways I'm glad you got good results. I usually wait 4 weeks between treatments, since it takes atleast 2-3 weeks for the swelling to fully die down. Oh yeah I don't know if your doctor will mind but what I do is I stare at a mirror in terrible lighting and circle all the scars on my face beforehand with a pen. Like I would draw around 10 circles or more. This not only saves the doctor time but it guarantees that every scar that bothers you is treated. I used to get really dissapointed whenever my doctor will completely miss some of the scars that really bothered me, but now he doesn't miss a single one.
  3. Hey Tadamasa!

    Your scaring is similar to mine but in a different place. You never got to post your before and afters in the forum did you? After the microdroplets? Sorry if you did, I couldn't find the post, if you didn't, please do, I'd love to understand what to expect from this and I'm sure others would too. Thanks!