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  1. Rolling scars under lights

    Thanks, I really appreciate it. My face looks so much better now though, I've had 3 treatments of micro silicone droplet fillers so far and the fat loss has really filled in. I'll try to make a post with the before after to show the positive results.
  2. Yeah I agree with you, since he already tried subcision, I think fillers will make a huge difference for the fat loss looking scar from the first picture of Ozay. I had that exact type of scar on my lower chin area, and after getting fillers done, it leveled out my skin soo nicely and it never bothered me again. It also helps erasing those ugly scarred lines you get when you smile. It's true what you said about the confidence boost. Since the results for fillers don't fade away in a week or two, the confidence stays with you. I swear, every other scar treatment will give you false hope/confidence for two weeks and after the microswelling is gone, you lose hope and go back to being depressed. It's happened to me so many times. More people should really try fillers. I've noticed alot of angry/depressed people here have never tried fillers before. I know it has a bad rep but if you tried everything, might as well try fillers. I got permanent micro silicone droplet injected into my scars, It was my last resort and I'm glad I didn't listen to all the negative stuff about it, it was in fact the best decision I've ever made. It was the only scar treatment that gave me confidence that'll last me years instead of two freaking weeks.   TLDR: Get fillers
  3. I expected your scars to be a lot worse. You said you're acne scar caused you to drop out of school, lose all friends, become unemployed, lose hope/confidence/drive etc. My scars kinda looks like yours and even though it took big toll in my life, it doesn't come nowhere near the toll it took on you. Damn man, acne scar f*cked you up. You have to get your life together.