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  1. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Uh oh am I going to die? Yeah each treatment is 2 syringes of 0.5cc. So yes I had a total of 7cc unfortunately... But my doctor recommended 5 treatments when I came in for the first time so it's not that far off. It could've been less but in the beginning I told my doctor to inject wherever he wanted, which wasted silicone on scars that didn't bother me. Yeah actually the volume loss on my face was that bad. There is a pretty noticeable difference between before and now. So yeah I guess I can say my face does look noticeably fuller. You are right about the overfilling though. There are a few spots which had an overreaction to the silicone and created a larger lump than intended, which is why I understand why. you recommended to go slowly. But it looks better than having deep shadows so I don't mind. The thing is that the overreaction effect happens randomly so it's impossible to predict it, and can potentially mess up your face. For that reason I don't recommend silicone micro droplet.
  2. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    I've done a total of 7 cc, I know it's a lot... I didn't do a full cc every treatment though, my doctor wanted to go slow so most of the times he did 0.5 cc per visit. I think I'm done for now though. I got my treatments done by Dr. Resnik.