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  1. justsomeone212 added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    Spironolactone Breakout With Increased Dosage
    Hey everyone! Spironolactone users- i'm just wondering whether any of you experience an increase in breakouts when you up your dosage? I recently had mine upped by 25 mgs (from 75 to 100) and am now breaking out in places I don't usually. I'm unsure whether this is a sign that I should go back to my regular dose, or whether I should stick it out.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. justsomeone212 added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    Spironolactone: Does Brand Matter?
    Hey! I've been taking Spironolactone (indicated as Teva-Spironolactone on the bottle) and I'm just wondering whether anyone knows if there's a true difference between the available brands with regards to efficiency?

    I'm in Canada and it looks like we have 3 types available here: Aldactone, Novo-Spiroton and Teva-Spironolactone.
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