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  1. j3g added a post in a topic What Kind Of Scars Are That?   

    thanks for your answer.
    some marks do level with the sorrounding skin and some do not. but that are definitely scars, the doctor told me too.
    unfortunately there are some areas, where are worse scars and there is also a very very big one. you wouldn´t believe that this is from acne.
    the doctor also told me that tanning is not a pretty good idea.
    it´s right that there are some Hypopigmentations, but the white film ( correct english? ) comes from sudocrem i put on the scars twice a day.
    my main question is, when do my skin have a uniform colour and how long does it take till my scars are not that noticeable.
    before taking accutane i NEVER had scars after inflammations, last summer i had a perfect skin.

    sorry again for bad english
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  2. j3g added a post in a topic What Kind Of Scars Are That?   

    they`re all from acne
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  3. j3g added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    What Kind Of Scars Are That?
    I had really bad acne on my upper back and now terrible scars.
    what kind of scars are that? what can i do and when will my skin have normal colour?
    do you think till summer my skin will be normalized?

    sorry for my bad english
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