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  1. Hi! I developed severe adult acne in my twnties and I have now been suffering from it all over my face chest and back for 6 years. Sometimes it seems to be getting better but never ompletely goes away and it always comes back with full force.. I've tried everything from vitex to accutane but i have problems with most common acne medications and i have had to rule out pretty much all things that could possibly work (spiro, BC, accutane). I'm now managing it with topicals and by eating a super clean and mostly plant based diet but my results have been pore. I had my hormones tested and found out i have elevated DHEA &DHEA-s and as my body acne is almost rash like and super persistent i'm pretty sure yest has something to do with this as well. ATM I'm trying to balance my hormones by taking omega-3 (cod liver), zinc, probiotics, vitamin D and green tea but so far nothing has worked. In the past I've tried DIM, Saw palmetto, reishi mushroom, red clover and vitex with no help whatsoever. As my hormonal imbalance seems to originate in the adrenals I'm wondering if taking adaptogens such as relora would help but I've heard its adrenal balancing properties are based on INCREASING dhea and reducing cortisol. This obviously doesn't sound like a good deal for me. Has anybody here tried adaptogens to balance hormones and has it forkewd for anyone?