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  1. anb1998 added a blog entry in Clearing my Skin   

    Update 11/22/13
    So far nothings change with my skin. I know I said I'd do updates nightly but I didn't have all my products for my routine yet so I didn't update anything. While I was waiting for my Lush order I was using coconut oil as a cleanser and it didn't really help or hurt. The rest of my products just came today. I was a little surprised because I didn't get any samples with my lush order. There was a comments box that you could request samples in but I didn't request anything because I like to be surprized... maybe you have to request samples to get samples from Lush UK? I don't know, but I'm getting a little bit off topic haha.

    I haven't tried any of the products I ordered yet. I have used the tea tree toner and grease lightning in the past though. I smelled Dark Angels and Herbalism and they didn't smell awful. Dark Angels smells like black licorice which I like and herbalism had a herbal smell which was okay. I can't really say much more about them until I actually try them.

    Now that I have everything I'll update this regularly.
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  2. anb1998 added a blog entry in Clearing my Skin   

    My Before Pictures And New Regimen.
    Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I'm 15 and I've had acne since I was 10. It has gotten really bad in the past year and a half. I've been trying a bunch of different "cures" trying to find something that works for me. I have tried OTC products, prescription products, and some all natural stuff. I can't find anything that works for me. I have a bunch of scarring and quite a bit of active breakouts. Here are my before pictures:

    Yeah... its gotten bad. Like so bad that I won't even spend the night with friends because I don't want to be seen without makeup. So I was pretty determined to end this. After countless hours researching I came up with a new regimen that I will be trying and praying that it works. I found out that the reactions I was having to BP were not normal and that my skin is sensitive to it so I decided to try the more natural route. Here is my new regimen that I will be trying as soon as I receive the rest of the products in the mail.

    Wash with Herbalsim cleanser from Lush UK. Spray on tea tree toner from Lush UK. Put on layer of grease lighting from Lush UK. Apply two drops of argan oil and one drop of lavender oil to face. If I'm going out that day apply makeup if not let my face breathe (I'm homeschooled because of bullying so I don't go out everyday). While doing all of this do oil pulling with coconut oil.

    Wash with Dark Angels cleanser from Lush UK. Spray on Tea Tree Toner. Put on a layer of Grease Lighting. Moisturize with a mixture of coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and lavender oil.

    I know some people have problems with coconut oil and vitamin e oil breaking them out so I'm praying that I wont have that problem. I just received all of the oils in the mail so now I'm just waiting on my Lush order which should get here by the end of the week. I'll try to post nightly about my progress and post new picture weekly. I'll also be using the coconut and argan oil for my hair so I may post some about that too. While I was reading about coconut oil I read about the benefits of ingesting it so I will be eating a tablespoon or 2 of coconut oil a day also. I'm going to go ahead a start using the oils with my african black soap until my Lush order is delivered. Lets all hope this actually works!
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  3. anb1998 added a post in a topic Can Anyone Help Me With My Skin?   

    BP doesn't work for me. I think I'm allergic to it or something. All it does is make my skin extremly dry and red which isn't normal for my skin because I don't have very sensitive skin. Even at a low percentage like 2.5% it messes up my skin. Like I said I'm doing the SA peels and they don't even make my skin as close to as red and flaky as BP does. I've done them as often as 3 times a week without any problems so its not because my skin is too sensitive. I've already ditched soda. I can't drink caffeine because I have this thing called POTS and if I drink caffeine I basically get really dehydrated and pass out so that limited the soda I could drink so I just cut out all soda a while ago. The hard part is going to be cutting the sugar...
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  4. anb1998 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Can Anyone Help Me With My Skin?
    Okay so I'm 15 and I've had acne since I was like 10... it really sucks. It has left me with no self confidence at all. I've gotten bullied for it and I literally can hardly look in the mirror without wanting to cry its gotten so bad. I need some kind of help... nothing works for me. I've tried natural remedies like the caveman regimen, african black soap, tons of homeade masks, and the OCM. I've tried some lush products, proactiv, and all the drugstore brands. A nurse told me to try just plain bar soap and scrub my skin with a clean wash cloth twice a day. I've taken prescription antibiotics that helped some but the side effects were too severe to continue and my acne came back worse. I've tried retin-a and taking different vitamins that are supposed to help with acne... i don't know why nothing is working. I can't stay the night at friends houses becuase I don't want them to see me without makeup... I won't even go around my own family without makeup on. The only thing I want is to be able to feel pretty without makeup!

    Anyway acne runs in my family. My mom was on accutane when she was younger and she wont let me go on it because of how bad it is for you. Currently I'm just using african black soap and doing a 5 minute 20% SA peel once a week. It has helped some but not very much. I'm thinking about trying some new stuff from lush because I think that was the healthiest my skin had been since I've had acne. Last time I didn't really try the stronger stuff ment for acne because I thought my skin was really dry but that was just from using proactiv. The products I tried didn't really do anything for my acne but they improved my skin overall so this is what I want to try this time around.

    Tea tree toner
    grease lighting
    and then I'm probably gonna order some coconut oil for a moisterizer
    Dark angles
    tea tree toner
    grease lightning
    coconut oil

    I'll still do the weekly peels and I'll probably order some of their tea tree tablets and steam my face weekly too. I also want to start eating healthy and try to remove most dairy from my diet. So like for breakfast I think I'm going to try having an organic hemp smoothie each morning with rice milk and occasionally some greek yogurt(this will probably hold me over until lunch since I normally don't eat breakfast anyway.) And then for lunch have some kind of salad with a source of protein and for dinner cook something healthy... If anyone has some suggestions or any tips or anything please let me know. If you know of any like supplements or foods or products I should be using/taking tell me. I think a lot of my acne has to do with hormones and I'm not allowed to take birth control so if theres anything safe for a 15 year old I could take to help with that let me know...

    I also have a problem with picking so I have a ton of scars.... I know it has to do with physiological reasons because its like my release. You could almost say its my version of cutting. Whenever I'm bored or mad or something happens I go to the mirror and pick so I'm going to try to stop picking. If anyone has tips to stop picking tell me those too. I may or may not update this with like pictures and stuff... I might blog everything idk...
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  5. anb1998 added a post in a topic Is The Caveman Regimen Good For Dry Skin With Mild Acne?   

    I'm doing the full caveman. I think it works faster that way because you don't mess up the acid mantle by using water.
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  6. anb1998 added a post in a topic Is The Caveman Regimen Good For Dry Skin With Mild Acne?   

    I think you should at least try the caveman. The oils you are using right now are confusing your body. It is thinking it has enough moisture so it isn't purducibg it's own moisture while the oils just moisturize the outer layers. That is what is causing the flakiness. It takes about a month to adjust to the caveman. I really think you should stop messing with your skin and let it heal itself. Besides the oils you. Are using dont match your skins ph which whacks up your skin
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  7. anb1998 added a post in a topic It Is Back, With A Vengeance   

    If you've researched tha caveman regimin you know that you shouldn't put anything on your face except water. I'd say just start over with the caveman. No water even for the first 30 days. After 30 days you can rinse with water at the most every otherday. I know its embarrising but it sounds like topicals are just making stuff way worse for you. It doesnt sound hormonal since it went away when you did the caveman.
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  8. anb1998 added a comment on a blog entry Day 91 (Day 1 Month 4)   

    I'm just making a point here. I havnt been following your blog or anything so I dont know what form of treatment you are using but you look like you aren't drinking enough water because your lips are dry looking. Not drinking enough can cause acne so I;d just thoughts id say something
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