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  1. Just received my derminator a few weeks ago and started treating some of my scars. Hope this will help w some of them shallow ones. Need good things to happen in my life *crosses fingers*. 

  2. Scarless Healing

    It does look like p good progress! I'd happily trade the disgusting scars on my body for those tbh. Also, I think it'd be easier to manage/reduce the graft scarring w dermarolling etc. I've seen surgical scars get amazing results from micro needling. Good stuff though I'm more interested in the hydrogel. Here's to hoping that they've started human trials and are getting great results!
  3. Scarless Healing

    I agree! But since it's considered to be a medical device, it might be available waaay before that! Keep your hopes up mate! We're all waiting! Human trials will be starting soon (hopefully)!! I'm assuming it's more of a sheet than an actual hair gel. Like a wrap or maybe something like a thicker mask? I'm assuming based on those hydrogel face masks that many people are using rn. Application might vary but they can ablate deeply/remove the skin and then apply the gel. I think removing the scar tissue would be trickier compared to the hydrogel application itself. It has been proven to grow skin back w/o scars, and since it's successful in the porcine models, I am certain it will work on humans as well. I mean, we're currently using organs and even have skin grafts from pigs lmao (google!), so why wouldn't it work? Nope they're not. I don't think you'll need stem cell treatment if you're going the Hydrogel route. Might be redundant! But there are other scientists experimenting around w stem cells and there was an article posted a few pages back stating that they have managed to (a) reverse ageing and (b) regrow skin w stem cells! Loads of options! Loads of studies this direction, it's only a matter of time! I do hope they're available before I turn 26 (4 years lol). I've spent a decade mourning my skin. I want another decade of happiness before the inevitable skin ageing sets in!
  4. The Derminator Thread

    Glad to know this thread exists! Just purchased mine about two weeks ago and I'm eagerly waiting for its arrival!!!
  5. Scarless Healing

    Been an avid follower/reader since I was plagued with scars in 2010. Glad to see that, there's a lot more improvement in the hydrogel technology!! And the amount of other research in scarless healing! Hope the human tests go just as well!!