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  1. A cry for help..

    Hey, I'm  really sorry to hear you're having such a bad time with your skin. It can leave you feeling so helpless and depressed.  I used to have cystic acne and it was so awful. I ended up taking roaccutane, despite resisting it for so long (I tried peels, lasers and diet etc), nothing worked and I just got even more depressed.  Taking roaccutane was the best thing for me and I don't regret it. On a side note, I saw a leading dermatologist in London called Professor Chu. He told me that he doesn't like to prescribe the pill to treat acne because it can interfere heavily with how we naturally regulate testosterone. So when you stop taking the pill your acne can get really bad as your body is erratic in it's control of hormone production.  Personally, i would take a proactive approach to your skin and get the advice of a doctor or ideally a dermatologist.  all the best x
  2. A pack of lies

    I understand how acne can plague your thoughts and deeply effect your self perception.  It can feel so hopeless at times. The best advice I can offer is rather than muddle over all the perplexing information on regimes and diets etc is to see a dermatologist who will be able to offer you the best advice for your skin. Everyone's skin is different. There are lots of companies happy to make a profit out of acne - offering the latest miracle regime! , lots of lunatics who think that rubbing a banana on your forehead and eating 40 carrots a day will 100% cure you in 90 days!  But...., there's no substitute for professional advice from someone who will be able to evaluate your skin from a professional standpoint.  All the best x
  3. Out of hope! Does accutane really destroy lives?

    I took Roaccutane when I was 29yrs old after battling it on and off for 11yrs. It was the best decision I ever made. I'm 31yrs old now and I've  been leading such a full and happier life since taking roaccutane. I used to be on these boards constantly as I was so depressed and anxious all the time.  I'm hardly on here these days except to drop by every now and then, keep meaning to update my story!  I would definitely take it again if I needed to. The side effects are not as bad as people make them out to be, you will find that roaccutane has a great smoothing effect on your skin even after you finish it. Drink plenty of water and don't drink any alcohol.  Stay out of the sun. Take proactive steps to deal with your skin, talk to your doctor and follow his advice on taking the drug. Best of luck.  x