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  1. Hi guys, I posted in this thread a couple years ago, my symptoms were mostly about constipation, cognitive deficits and fatigue. Here's what works for me. The cognitive deficits and fatigue are 90% under control if I take enough methyl donors. So Trimethylglycine, Creatine, Methylfolate, MethylB12, P5P, NAC, all work to some degree. Personally I find Trimethylglycine second most effective, cheap, and easy to consume (tastes a little sweet). Creatine was most effective, but made my hair fall out, or at least that was my perception. Dosage for Trimethylglycine would be a teaspoon of the powder twice a day. More Information here: My digestion is unfortunately still troubling me. I got it working for some time and then at some point symptoms reappeared. Imho it's all about intestinal permeability, also called leaky gut. Glutenfree is necessary and helpful but not sufficient in my case. I haven't benefitted from pre- or probiotics.