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  1. How long have you been using it? And I know, most of those tests were done with the pure ingredient on the rabbits ear, which I'm sure has a different pore size than a human face. Though I will keep a close eye on it. Right now I'm using a pea sized amount or less for my face and forehead, morning and night. Just because my face is crazy dry from not having used a moisturiser in awhile. When it gets a little better that way I will probably just stick to using it before bed.
  2. It's "Olay moisturising cream for sensitive skin" I was looking at like 140 reviews on amazon for the lotion (which also has that as the 6th ingredient) and out of the entire 140 reviews not one said it broke them out, and there was like a good 40 or so that said it didn't break them out and it actually helped their skin look better and less broken out. So I think this is one of those things that I'm going to have to wait it out and see for myself!  I think its also important to note that there hasn't ever been actually large scale studies to test the comedogenic rating of chemicals like this. It was a series of small tests a long time ago on rabbit ears ahahah, so I guess that's another reasons for some trial as error to see how it goes. At least I'm aware this might break me out in the future so I can stay alert to my skin and discontinue it immediately if things start getting pretty bad! 
  3. Hey!  I finally found a moisturiser that my skin can actually tolerate without getting red and making me feel like my face is going to burn off. I have seriously bad allergic skin. The only issue is, the 6th ingredient on the list is the dreaded "Isopropyl Isostearate" which ranks at a whopping 5 on the comedogenic scale. I probably wouldn't have got the product or used it on my face if I read the list first. But I haven't used it long and my face really seems to like it.  I suppose my question is, will something this comedogenic be guaranteed to eventually break me out? Or since its 6 ingredients down should it be fine? I never paid too much attention to the lists, but I'm just curious if this is something I should immediately discontinue use of the product over, or wait and see.
  4. I personally like using a cleanser twice daily, it makes me feel clean morning and night. Though it might make your skin a little drier. What I would suggest is if you didn't want to use a lot of moisturiser during the day, use a more rich one at night. Perhaps cerave moisturising cream, the stuff that comes in the little tubs.
  5. Info about my condition

    Looks like hyper-pigmentation, with maybe a couple tiny rolling scars. I'm assuming this was from the acne breakouts you had. I would suggest keeping your skin moisturised, and always making sure to use a sun block when you're out in the sun. The sun is one of those things that can really bake in red marks. If your skin isn't prone to breakouts any more then I would suggest some light exfoliation 2-3 times a week. Just curious what did you use to rid yourself of the acne you did have? Did you have a specific treatment regimen, or did it just go away with age?
  6. Hey guys!  I've been ive been using the cleanser for awhile now, and up until this batch it was fine. But I had got an order of two bottles of it and noticed after washing my face a couple times that there was a very off smell. I opened the bottle and gave it a better smell and it was an extremely powerful fermented smell, I could only describe it as like "plain yogurt" smell or something similar. Obviously I think Dans products are amazing and reliable, but I just wanted to know if anyone noticed anything different about this batch of cleanser? I find the smell so odd. 
  7. Fall skin

    Do you guys find that your skin gets better as the season stabilizes? I find its the change that messes with me, but my skin gets more used to it as it gets in the middle of the season.
  8. Fall skin

    I notice my skin isn't a big fan of season changes, it tends to get a little crappy for a month or two, then tends to regulate. I know my forehead was particularly bad January and February, not sure what that was about! So It might be a coincidence, who knows!  Do you find your skin gets better for the winter?