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  1. Hey guys!  I've been ive been using the cleanser for awhile now, and up until this batch it was fine. But I had got an order of two bottles of it and noticed after washing my face a couple times that there was a very off smell. I opened the bottle and gave it a better smell and it was an extremely powerful fermented smell, I could only describe it as like "plain yogurt" smell or something similar. Obviously I think Dans products are amazing and reliable, but I just wanted to know if anyone noticed anything different about this batch of cleanser? I find the smell so odd. 
  2. Fall skin

    Do you guys find that your skin gets better as the season stabilizes? I find its the change that messes with me, but my skin gets more used to it as it gets in the middle of the season.
  3. Fall skin

    I notice my skin isn't a big fan of season changes, it tends to get a little crappy for a month or two, then tends to regulate. I know my forehead was particularly bad January and February, not sure what that was about! So It might be a coincidence, who knows!  Do you find your skin gets better for the winter?
  4. Does Eating Honey Cause Acne

    Honey is low-moderate GI, and the glycemic load is really low.. so I don't see any medical reason why it would cause any acne? Unless you had some sort of sensitivity to it ahaha. Unless it was that creamed honey with a ton of sugar added, even then I don't think it would give you any issues, the link between sugar and acne is only questionable and beginning to be established IF there is even a link.. That and you eat healthy most all the time anyway, the body would account for the occasional slip up.