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  • Interests HI! My name is Peter aka PJ I'm 21 years old, I LOVE DJ'ing I spin all kinds of music but my favorite style is trance, house, electro pretty much all electronic music lol. If you want check out my free mixes on soundcloud.com/pjthedj but I'm not here to try and get people to listen to my mixes.

    So let me tell you about my acne. This horrible disease started when I was in 7th grade. Kids made fun of me alot and still do... it sucks. But whatever I try not to let it bug me. I just started accutane so Im going to show my progress here. Ive been going to this site for many years idk why it took me so long to make a profile but whatever. Ayways Im a nice guy I think and I really really hope the accutane works! I want my life back. I want not feel the urge to put my head down while talking to people and shit. So yeah I guess well findout in a few months if it works. Wish me luck. And leave me a comment or something if you have any questions! Thanks. Good luck fellow acne sufferers!
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