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  1.  Probably in a couple days, that's how it normally goes for me. Whenever i breakout and the breakout keeps getting worse.. or doesn't go away then i know it's something im eating.. I tried to eat organic gluten free bread everyday from costco becuase i got so tired of eating meat all the time, and ended up breaking out really bad after a week of eating the bread everyday, even though the ingredients seems to be pretty clean.. i noticed more clogged pores. But if i eat it only in moderation, like once a week, i didn't breakout at all. So maybe certain foods are not meant to be eaten everyday ,im not a tomatoe person so i can't really say if that breaks me out, but im sure if i had like 1 or 2 slices it wouldn't break me out. and i could probably have the garlic and onions once or twice a week and get away with it 
  2. I eat a lot of jalapeños that grow in my garden. as well as lots of cayenne pepper and some bell peppers and i don't seem to have any problems. But it's the onions and garlic that break me out. Especially onion and garlic powders