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  1. charon added a post in a topic Bumps on cheek filled with white stuff...   

    I'm a similar case.

    To clarify: from normal look, they are not visible. If you switch on a light so that it 'reflects' from side of your face, they are clearly visible. They are not inflamed nor irritated, unless you squeeze them out. Then they become normal acne. It seems to me that nothing would happen to those bumps, they would only continue to grow if you wouldn't do anything to them.

    I don't think they are caused by weather. I have no idea what actually causes them, but I'm really interested in what others think. I'd guess hormones or diet, but it would be nice if some experienced person answered this question.

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  2. charon added a post in a topic Bp Possibly Linked To New Moles?   

    Yeah, that shouldn't be really a problem. I was discouraged by my financial situation at the time, that's what contributed mostly to leaving the sunscreen out... Thanks for advice, I will be happily sun-screening myself from now on.
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  3. charon added a post in a topic Bp Possibly Linked To New Moles?   

    Thank you for warning. I'll make sure to be more careful in future. The reason I was rather reluctant to buy SPF is that I don't live in USA and I already had to pay a lot to get basic Regimen stuff imported.
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  4. charon added a post in a topic Bp Possibly Linked To New Moles?   

    Thank you for your answer,
    and sorry for the long time delay I am responding after. Honestly, I might have been not careful enough during the summer, there's no excuse for that. But I also think that the new black spots formed during fall. I am not sure how hyperpigmentation looks, but the moles/black spots I have are clearly small black circles. At the moment, I am trying to find natural substitutes for BP, as I have read about it's side effects.
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  5. charon added a topic in products   

    Bp Possibly Linked To New Moles?
    I have spotted multiple (3) new moles on my face, and I'm worried about their origin. I've been using BP for about 4 months now, with short periods of neglecting the correct regimen. At first I had 5% solution prescribed by dermatologist, but after being dissatisfied with results I bought Dan's products. Honestly, I have totally not used any sun screen at all, but I'm not a "sun exposing" type of person neither, so exposure is limited.

    Could my new moles be caused by using benzoyl perxoide? Or is it a by-product of decreased sun immunity? Has anyone gone through a similar experience?
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