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  1. I actually got my levels checked (metabolism, testosterone, androgenes and alot others) and it all looked fine. However I am not sure if I can trust these levels since I was on the pill. I don't know if that makes any diffence.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply! Well, I don't use hairproducts and my Initial breakout on the accutane was also pretty bad on the forehead. I have tried the Diane Mite pill (it's the same as Diane 35 - which I think is the name in the US). It didn't make any difference, but I'm still taking them since I need to be on birth control on accutane. I don't think my acne is super hormonal, 'cause I never break out on chin/jawline.. But I'm no expert But it sure is persistent.. Damn it!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a 32 yr old woman from Denmark, and I am sooooo sad.... I have been on accutane for 5 months and my skin cleared up around day 100. But after a month where my skin was somewhat clear, I broke out big time on my forehead. Still on accutane, that is. I feel so hopeless. Are there still hope that I will clear in the last couple of months of treatment? My derm doesn't say much. I weigh 60 kg. and have been taking apx. 7000 mg. accutane by today. (This is actually my second round on accutane. But the first time the coarse felt different and not so unpredictable. I cleared ok for apx. 2 years).