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  1. Don't wait for a miracle to happen!

    I have no idea what this means. Accutane cured my severe cystic acne.
  2. Don't wait for a miracle to happen!

    I agree with this 100%. If your acne is scarring, it will not get better on its own. It shows that your skin type has a propensity to scar, so aggressive action MUST be taken as soon as possible. I was also blinded by all the fear mongering online about Accutane, which are totally overblown, and went years before I took it. The one thing I regret the most is not getting on Accutane sooner.
  3. I'm Ready to Fix My Acne Scars

    The quickest route would be subcision and a more robust filler like Voluma as suggested above. Permanent fillers like Bellafill are an option since you already know that your scars can accommodate filler material. Important question though, do you find that the filler actually dissipates or does it get displaced and moves to the edges of your scars? That might explain why the filler seems to go away so quickly. It may actually still be there but the scar tissue is so dense in the middle of the scar that it pushes the filler to "donut" around the actual scar. In this situation you would absolutely need to subcise and create a pocket underneath each scar and then fill it with a stronger, more robust filler. If you put permanent fillers in like Bellafill without subcision to release those tethered bands that are pulling your scars down, it will also get displaced. Bellafill is not easy to fix if it is over-corrected.
  4. 6 laser treatments on 1 scar

    Where the heck are you getting laser done for $50?
  5. Emotional/Psychological effects of scarring

    Scars are terrible, and it all causes us great emotional pain. But we still have to have perspective. I get that people with severe scars face a tremendous amount of distress, hell I'm one of them. But for the people on here stressing because of some minor scars, I urge you to guys to do some real soul searching. My cousin that I grew up with was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer just this week. She had a total hysterectomy, is now infertile, and about to undergo 4 months of chemo. The prognosis for her is grim, and I know the pain her family is going through. She is only 32, and now in a battle for her life.
  6. silikon 1000 microdroplet technique

    You are right, I should have read your post a little closer. I can see what you were intending to say. I just wanted to clarify to other readers who may not understand this nuance. There are current members here who have done slicione micro droplets, and so I wanted them to know that what they had was legal and to not cause alarm. There's a distinction from illegal and not FDA approved, to the more nuanced one which is Silikon 1000 is approved however for a totally different use and used off-label much like botox. Read up on the FDA Modernization ACT of 1997. didn't take any position on it or advocating it in anyway. I was just making a factual statement about how it is legal to use. It's just an objective statement, not an endorsement. In my post I stated that permanent fillers are "unpredictable," just like you did. It's not a choice for me to make, rather I was just offering information and the decision is ultimately with the individual. Every time I have ever talked about permanent fillers in the past, I ALWAYS mention the long terms risks of granulomas, scarring, unpredictability. I have never advocated them, I have merely talked about it from a research / academic perspective. I'm not sure where in my post it came off like I'm advocating it. At most I said, if the individual makes that choice, they need to be judicious. It comes down to risk management. If you are willing to take the risk, you have to manage that risk. In that link that you posted to the other thread discussing siliconeIt , and which I contributed to, I explicitly laid out precautions that should be considered if you go the permanent route to manage risks. But ultimately again, that's not my choice to make and I have never advocated it. The reason I stated "strongly avoid bioalcamid and Aquamid" is because those are the most widely known and used permanent fillers in Europe. There was a strong likelihood a doctor would have suggested those if she asked for permanent fillers, since she is in Europe. Again, my entire post was a dispassionate, objective, factual post. At no point in my post did I advocate or imply that I am for it. I did find the tidbit about Dr Emer interesting. Where did you find out he was sued for silicone injections?
  7. silikon 1000 microdroplet technique

  8. silikon 1000 microdroplet technique

    Have to point out that Silikon 1000, which is an officially US FDA approved medical grade silicone is available in the US. It is not illegal, but not approved as a dermal filler. It is approved for retinal detachment, but physicians use it off-label LEGALLY, as a filler. Off-label means that a physican can use a legal product but in ways that were not studied or approved. For example, botox is approved for crows feet, but obviously physicians use it all over the face off-labelly. There is actually some quite extensive discussion of Silicone microdroplets but you have to go back 10 years on here to find those discussions. Who knows if that content is still even on here. I will just say that with permanent fillers, you really have to use them judiciously, and only on the deepest scars. Don't use them for shallow scars or for all your scars. They are unpredictable in the long term. Since you are in Europe, I would caution you STRONGLY to avoid Bio-alcamid or Aquamid. Those are notorious permanent fillers that have caused significant disfigurement.
  9. Scar exicision gone wrong

    Why are you so quick to dismiss his concernes, when your acne scars are minor? After all the drama you've put out now you're telling this guy to relax? You threatened suicide over a few scars that no one can even see clearly, and you are dismissing this guy's concerns?
  10. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    Uh Mr. Matt?
  11. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    Honestly, it's been a long struggle for me as well. I think mostly I'm here because I have literally done everything there is to do for acne scars, and I want to share what I've learned through trial and error. I've done it all, literally, and I know all about that dark place we go to when we catch a glimpse of our scarred reflection. I would say my scarring was what a lot of people categorize as severe. The only things that have really made an impact on my scarring are fillers and resurfacing, specifically spot dermabrasion. It is a very extreme procedure, so I wouldn't recommend it for the faint of heart. At this point, yes I think I've gotten to the point where it is acceptable enough for me to live with. I mentally cannot go through anymore serious downtime. Plus, I think if I do any more harsh procedures like dermabrasion, it might actually damage me. Back in January, I had gotten to the point where my skin had improved significantly. It was to the point where I should have stopped. Stupidly, I wanted more improvement, so I did another dermabrasion. Of course my skin looked horrendous afterwards with bad texture and severe redness. My skin is now recovering, but I didn't get enough improvement out of the second dermabrasion to justify the downtime. I don't have any huge deep scars like I used to, but now deal mainly with ice picks and texture issues. I honestly think you have a shot at very significant improvement. You have otherwise flawless skin and the lumpiness can be treated with kenalog. Just do incremental injections. The indentation can be treated with carefully placed fillers. Silicone sheeting will help to soften it further.
  12. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    If i'm analyzing it correctly, you have raised edges surrounding an indentation. The raised edges make it look even deeper than it really is. Have you tried kenalog injections with 5FU to the raised edges? I think it might flatten those. Once the raised parts are flatter and more flushed with the normal skin, then you can make an assessment of how deep the scar really is. The color is actually pretty good, it's pink not super angry red. I have / had an excision scar on my left cheek that was huge and disfigured that side of my face. The only thing that worked for me was fillers and dermabrasion to level the raised edges surrounding it. It's still visible, but much improved. I will never get perfection, but at least I don't look like a knife victim anymore. That's all you can hope for. As for it being acceptable because I'm a guy, I think that's debatable in today's society. People constantly stared and made horrible comments to my face. On top of this failed, huge excision scar, I also had pretty bad acne scars on my cheeks. At least you have flawless skin everywhere else.
  13. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    I honestly don't know because you haven't posted a clear photo. You are usually scrunching up your forehead. Even after I asked to see a completely relaxed forehead, you give me one and said, "it's still a little scrunched here." I haven't been able to accurately see the true extent of your scarring. Plus, I'm just a regular person who has lots of experience, but by no means an expert.
  14. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    You don't seem very reasonable. Your question is why is he not a billionaire? How is that even a reasonable question or measure of a doctor's skills? Again, you seem to have an all or nothing , scorched earth mentality about everything. I get that you've been burned, but I also think that a large part of why you feel wronged is because your expectations may not be realistic. It really seems like anything less than a pencil thin line will not be acceptable for you , and everything that falls short of that is a failure. Personally I think 60% or 70% is a lot better than living with scars. And why keep wasting your time here if your conclusion has already been set?
  15. 5 lasers later my skins the worst its ever been

    NO, they use the pictures BY PERMISSION from the doctors who use their machines and do the actual procedures. At the bottom of those pictures in the brochures, it will usually say "Courtesy of Dr.____________". They do not do the procedures themselves, they are not doctors. Dr. Niamtu is the original surgeon and gave permission for them to use his photos as part of their marketing material. You have it backwards, the Med Spas are the ones who stole the photos. Med Spas are not legit medical offices, and are notorious for stealing pictures. I've seen Dr. Niamtu's and Dr. Davin Lim's photos stolen all over the net, which is likely what happened in your example. You unfairly maligned a good doctor by jumping to conclusions, and not knowing the facts. Your outlook has been completely distorted because of your experience. Now you have an unreasonable all or nothing approach to doctors, that they're all bad. He is a Maxillo-facial surgeon who fixes cleft palates, so I'm sure he is capable of scar revision. By definition he is not a plastic surgeon, but a surgeon nonetheless.
  16. DermaFlage? I want to hide ICE PICK SCARS

    I've tried it and it works for small scars like ice pics. It is very labor intensive, but if you have good technique it does work. Luckily, I think it may last 2 to 3 days at a time so you don't have to redo it everyday. You really have to do each ice pick by itself. Don't attempt to cover a large area of ice picks all at once with a big application, because it will look like you have a waxy film over your skin. Plus, if you apply it over a huge area, any kind of expression will cause it be wrinkle and become obvious. If you just do each scar by itself, it is pretty hard to see the silicone film.