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  1. blahblah82 added a post in a topic Photos of my scarring   

    Thanks for the clear pictures.  I'd classify them as mostly rolling scars with volume loss, especially on the left cheek area.  For this, I think the most effective thing to start with would be possibly multiple subcisions and suctioning.  Fillers would also work to restore some of the lost cheek volume.  For that you have options that are temporary or permanent.   Temporary fillers include Voluma, Restylane.  Permanent fillers include Bellafill and a small minority of doctors use liquid silicone, although that is very controversial and always used off-label (meaning that it is not approved for dermal injections, but it can be used that way).   Permanent fillers in general are considered controversial, and there are some doctors who think they should never be used, and others who think that they have a place if used only in specific indications like for scars.  The risks include granulomas (lumps in the areas injected), rejection of the material, and poor technique which may be difficult to reverse because of it's permanent nature. 

    This video is of a patient getting injected with Bellafill and he has pretty deep scars with volume loss.
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  2. blahblah82 added a post in a topic Are These Rolling Scars? Pictures Included   

    Feigning being devastated by non-existent scars to get validation.  This forum has been overtaken with these types of posts.  Everyone who genuinely wants to help is over these types of posts.  
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  3. blahblah82 added a post in a topic will mixto clear these scars?   

    Lasers won't be much use for these ice pick type scars.  TCA Cross or punch excision followed by skin resurfacing would be more effective.
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  4. blahblah82 added a post in a topic ~My~ Subcision/microneedling Journey W/ 2 Week Protocol + More   

    FYI, usually cortisone atrophy does correct itself, but it could take many many months.  There was a girl here who started a super long thread detailing her botched cortisone injections.  The indentation on her chin area was significant, but I think it ultimately filled in for her.  So don't lose hope yet.  

    I'm not sure what your doctor means by saying you have too much scar tissue for subcision.  
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