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  1. Kenalog dent, options, depression help!

    I think hyaluronic acid is pretty safe in terms of the actual material. It is bio-identical to our own natural HA. The glabella area between the brows is a higher risk area, but it's probably a remote risk. Hyaluronic acid would not impede your own healing. If you do get the filler, I think by the time it dissipates, your own tissue might make a recovery.
  2. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Silicone does fill up scars, but always be sure that the scars are not tethered, because if the silicone "donuts" around a tethered scar, it will be very difficult to correct. Permanent fillers are pretty tricky and do have some inherent risk. I think the most likely risk from permanent fillers is overcorrection, where you end up with visible bumps and ridging. It is best to go slow and give it some time for the collagen to build up. Remember the volume created is from both the silicone and your body's reaction to it and the collagen that encapsulates the material.
  3. How severe is my scarring?

    I'd also rate them as moderate. The scars seem to be concentrated in your beard area, so it makes concealing them so much easier. If my scars were concentrated there and if I could actually grow a full beard, I would rock a stubble or bearded look. Further, if you do treat the scars in that area, concealing the post treatment telltale redness, etc, would be much easier as well. I see a mix of scars, including rolling type scars that may respond to subcision.
  4. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Acne scars and scars in general are difficult to improve, but it is possible. I think sometimes as scar sufferers, our expectations outpace what can be realistically achieved. Unfortunately, all methods are imperfect as of now. How much improvement we get is a function of our own healing abilities, the skill of the doctor, choosing the right method, and the type of scar. Unfortunately, it's also true that some scars are totally resistant or too severe / far gone to improve in any way. If you are looking for improvement, that can be achieved. If you are looking for perfection like the acne or trauma never happened, that's not currently possible.
  5. Tca Cross or Tca peel?

    Start out SLOW. Do not do every single scar on your face, that is asking for a disaster. If you are doing this for the first time, please be careful. A spot test will give you a better idea of how you will heal.
  6. I agree with Ohmmm. I only sound aggressive because you have nothing to worry about. You're seriously wasting your time stressing about a near non-existent issue. You have to be tough mentally to endure any scar procedure thats worth a damn and frankly, I think you will have a melt down undergoing anything like TCA Cross, subcision, and FORGET laser. Here's the brutal truth. You will be bleeding, red, swollen, bruised, and generally look hideous after any of these procedures. You WILL look worse for a while post procedure and there is no guarentee it will work and possibly back fire. I've been down this road and have endured more than most on here in my journey. It's only worth it if you actually have scars that are moderate to severe, of which you do not.
  7. You seriously need to stop spamming this forum.
  8. Every pimple turns into an ice-pick scar.

    You need to get on Accutane. If your acne is scarring regardless of whether you are picking at them or not, then it's serious enough for Accutane.
  9. Timing of scar treatment procedures...

    Do the temporary fillers first to see if you like it before committing to something for life. It would essentially be a trial run for when you do decide to do something permanent. Of course, if you are totally risk averse then you could choose to do temporary fillers indefinitely and maintain them. There is of course also fat grafting, but from what I've read it's tricky to get right on acne scars.
  10. Infini Complications

    Hey guys, I found this review on about an Infini treatment that resulted in bad complications for the patient. I figured the community would be interested to see the possible complications from the wrong settings and technique. I have yet to see any real world reviews about this device that are positive. I see a lot of doctors offices pushing it, but I remain thoroughly unconvinced. It seems to be another situation where the hype far outstrips the actual results.
  11. Great Results with Dermarolling

  12. Come With Me On My Subcision Expedition

    If the before picture is how your skin looked prior to this latest round of subcision, I'd say there's been substantial improvement. Don't beat yourself up too much, it's only been about a few days, so things will settle.
  13. Adam Lambert skin = Flawless

    Still there... but better than before.
  14. Acne and scarring help

    What medications are you using for your acne? Are you just using over the counter stuff or prescriptions? Personally for me, the only thing that worked was Accutane. It's a strong drug, but it definitely works.
  15. You guys are misunderstanding what I wrote. Accutane does not cure scars. What I meant to say was that if I took it much earlier in my acne journey, I would have prevented the cysts from becoming worse, hence avoid the scars that came with them. My point was that I fell victim to all the fear-mongering and ridiculous misinformation that is pervasive on these forums about Accutane. It scared me to death reading about all the "horrific" side effects of Accutane, which never even materialized. I had really bad chapped lips and that was about it. Most people do not experience the overblown side effects that are parroted by people who have an agenda. They want to promote everything "vegan" and "natural" when it's really just BS and non-science. I said Accutane was "in effect a cure," meaning that my severe cystic acne did indeed go into remission and if I get a pimple at all nowadays, it's a tiny one that goes away in a couple of days. This is a minor miracle considering at one point I had probably one of the worst cases of acne in my high school. It was pure hell for me. That's why I'll always be an advocate of using Accutane if you have truesevere cystic acne, not the common acne most people moan about. I have never had a recurrence of that level of acne ever again. Many people share my experience. It's not an absolute perfect cure, like you never get a pimple again, but close to it. If you want to play semantics, then yes it's not a "cure" in the strictest sense, but as many doctors have state, it's about as close to a cure as you're going to get in the real world. @AlexanderJ86, what exactly are you dealing with? I'm not clear if it's acne or scars, or both.
  16. Radiesse

    Radiesse does not have suture material in it. I think you are thinking of Sculptra. Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxyappetite, which is like the material our bones are made of.
  17. Someone please help- anyone- im begging you guys

    And then you see this guy's actual pictures and there's literally 1 or 2 pimples. Seriously bro, you need to get a grip and stop with the exaggeration. I'm pretty convinced you're trolling everyone.
  18. Someone please help- anyone- im begging you guys

    This is absolute rubbish and actually offensive to people really suffering. This is total drama queen behavior.
  19. They do fill in, but it can take months and months. There was girl on here who had a very large atrophied area on her chin that was literally 15x the size of that little dent. Her's eventually recovered. There is the possibly it might not fill in, in which case filler is the quickest solution and will save you the stress and wasted time.
  20. Absorbable suture thread as filler for acne scars (i.e. Vicryl)

    I wished all the doctors on realself would be honest about Bellafill. They keep saying that it lasts for at least 5 years, which is legally true since that is when the studies were ended. What it implies is that it is not permanent, just long-lasting. In reality, the plexiglass beads are indeed permanent. They work precisely by creating a granulomatous reaction, which causes the beads to be encapsulated in scar tissue / collagen. Not saying it doesn't work, but I don't like how they're not shooting straight with people. Also, Dr. Emer really does come off like a smarmy used car salesman. A girl posted on realself asking for advice about her mild acne scars, and Dr. Emer says "NO, those are not mild." Clearly they're very mild, but it seems like he wants to sell her on lasers, fillers, microneedling, the works. I asked this guy a question before, and he comes off condescending. Do these look severe to you? It's unsettling how some doctors are shameless in their self-promotion.
  21. Absorbable suture thread as filler for acne scars (i.e. Vicryl)

    Not sure this would be any good considering many people already experience complications from Sculptra, which is just ground up suture material. As you stated, this is literally the same thing.
  22. Just speaking from my own experience, but Accutane for me was in effect a "cure." After 5 months of Accutane at a high dose, my severe cystic acne pretty much went into remission. Most of the negative stuff on Accutane is completely overblown and the internet perpetuates this irrational fear-mongering of something that has been proven to work. Does it work for everyone? No, but for the vast majority of people it is essentially a cure. It is this same fear-mongering that made me afraid to take Accutane and so I put it off for years. The result was that my acne became progressively worse and I ended up with some bad scarring. To this day, I still regret not taking it sooner and saving myself from the misery. I'm just really tired of all these holistic healing types who are just parroting the nonsense they read online when in fact they have not taken Accutane themselves. This does not include people who have genuinely have bad side effects, which is unfortunate.
  23. Bad scar from Trauma - Please Help!

    That looks decent for only a couple of days out. I'm guessing this will flatten more as the filler has time to settle. When you inject this superficially, you are always going to look lump for a week or two. You're not going to get perfection, which I say from experience. I think once it settles, a little concealer would help camouflage it even further. At the end of the day, the filler can't in any way make the scar worse because it's temporary.
  24. Bad scar from Trauma - Please Help!

    Who did your fillers? Was this recent? It takes a good week for the lumpiness to settle.