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  1. What is this awful thing on my back??

    Why is this posted here?  Anyways, it could be a spider bite, but it could also be MRSA, which is serious.   That will require antibiotics and close monitoring.  
  2. What has happened this forum1?

    Definitely.... bad advice and melodramatics have always been a part of this forum, but I think the conversation overall was of a higher quality before.   Personally, I think the moderators made a huge mistake by lumping the red marks forum with the scar forum.  It just turned up the noise and brought the overall quality down because those people posting about red marks are not knowledgeable at all about scars.   Ignorance is one thing, but so many aggressively uninformed people on here talk as if they're an authority on the matter.  If you have not tried a procedure, don't try to pass off your fourth hand info like gospel.   
  3. What kind of scarring is this?

    I'm reporting you for spamming.  Take it elsewhere.
  4. Where do I go from here?

    One treatment is usually not enough.  If you responded positively before, I would stick with subcision and see how much more improvement you can get.  I would classify your scars as moderate.  That said, you have an advantage in that they look like mostly rolling scars with smooth, normal looking skin overlying the scars.  This means that you don't have to do any resurfacing procedures to correct the texture.  A lot of scars are complex in that you have to lift them, and then do resurfacing because the surface texture still doesn't blend in with the surrounding normal skin.   Overall, I would not do anything intense like lasers because the rest of your skin looks good, smooth and good tone.
  5. My acne scars, really need help! PICS

    Microdermabrasion is pretty much useless for acne scarring.  It's really just a spa treatment and does very little.
  6. How long has it been since the laser?  Was this recently?
  7. As far as suing for malpractice, the reality is that it's a lot harder than the way it's portrayed.   With malpractice lawsuits a lot of attorneys work on contingency, meaning they only make money if they win the case.  This means that they will only take cases that are potentially in the 10s of thousands of dollars.  They will not take a case if there is not a good chance of winning.  Also, I may be wrong, but there is a very short statute of limitations for malpractice lawsuits.  However there is the option of going to small claims court, but the maximum damages that you can ask for is limited to usually less than $10k.  You'd also have to represent yourself in a small claims case in a lot of states, California included.   @il90, You're right to think twice about doing these very expensive procedures, because often times there's very little recourse if something goes wrong.  It's like the system is stacked in favor of doctors.
  8. Micro-Needle Peel

    It's complete BS.    People keep stealing the same few pictures, crop, edit, and repost them thinking no one will know.  Except that a lot of us here have all seen the same pictures.  I've seen so many people steal pictures from Dr Davin Lim for example because he actually does have some pretty impressive results.  Don't trust anything you see online.  
  9. What has happened this forum1?

    I've been calling this s**t out for a while now.  It irritates me like nothing else when I see these phony, disingenuous posts about non-existent acne scars.  I think these people know their skin is fine, but post anyway for validation or they're fishing for compliments by acting devastated.  It makes the people who are really suffering feel even more hopeless, like "if these people think that's bad then I must be disfigured." It's offensive and insults the intelligence of the rest of the forum.
  10. dermabrasion

    I'm Asian with fair skin.   You are right, dermabrasion is usually not recommended for ethnic skin, but it can be done with an experienced surgeon.  Unfortunately, some of the disaster stories on this forum were from ethnic (mostly Asian) patients who were treated too aggressively.   This Indian guy on did it several times, and he seems to be happy with his improvement.  
  11. I'd pay good money to have your skin.  Dermaflage would work pretty well on these minor scars.  When I first ordered it, I thought it looked obvious, but it's really all about the technique.  Your scars are so minor that I think there's more risk of making things worse with treatment.  
  12. Mine look a lot better in the mornings too.  The fact that you're laying horizontal for hours basically makes your face a little bloated and puffy in the morning, which disguises the scars.  I read before how some people intentionally create this micro-swelling with mild to moderate derma-rolling as a kind of work-around solution to disguise their scars.  Every few days they would do just enough rolling to cause swelling.  You look amazing for a few days, and then the swelling dissipates. The redness can be covered with makeup.   But is this harmful in the long-term to roll so frequently? Who knows, but I would think the longer needles pose a risk.  
  13. Hang in there.   Recovery is always hard, but especially in your case since you had so many kinds of procedures done in one (!) day (!) As for the swelling, I'm pretty sure the residual lumpiness is causing weird shadows and contours.   If you have two raised lumps on either side, that will create the look of a depression in the middle. That will flatten down over the next few weeks.  I think you are healing normally, and I do not see anything that looks concerning at 12 days post op.   Sorry if I missed it, but are you suctioning?  
  14. dermabrasion

    I want to reiterate again that dermabrasion is a VERY aggressive procedure, and not appropriate for all scars.  If you are not mentally prepared for the recovery, don't do it.  It is risky as well, and if you search this forum you will find stories of outright disasters on here.   If your scars are superficial now, you could certainly consider dermabrasion, but that's something you have to decide.  If anything dermabrasion will give you BAD hyperpigmentation like any resurfacing procedure.  That will last for many months and fade over time.   Some people unfortunately are treated too aggressively and get HYPO-pigmentation, or white skin that has lost it's pigment.  Hyperpigmentation is temporary, hypopigmentation is almost always permanent.   It's also not a miracle treatment.  My worst scars are much better, but unfortunately still there.  The most you can hope for is improvement, not a cure.
  15. dermabrasion

    I support this 100%. Dermabrasion works....I've had spot dermabrasion only to my left cheek where my scars were the most pronounced.  Dermabrasion works especially well to soften up the jagged edges of some scars and improves the texture so that it blends better with the surrounding skin.  It does NOT work so well when you have very, very deep scars.  Deep scars must be filled or subcised so that they are elevated to the level of the surrounding skin,  THEN, you can resurface the skin to blend and refine the texture.  This is why I believe so many people have been disappointed with dermabrasion, because they don't understand that dermabrasion is basically like sanding down a piece of wood.   If the scars are too deep, there's no way you can take away enough good skin to reach the level of the deepest scars.   This is also why I think a lot of people have been damaged by dermabrasion, because their doctors did not do any of the "lifting" procedures like fillers and subcision beforehand, but instead just aggressively sand down good skin.   That said, this procedure is very aggressive and can go very wrong in less talented hands.  Be prepared for a lengthy recovery.  It's too bad this procedure has fallen out of favor because everyone has gotten on the laser bandwagon.  I think lasers and dermabrasion both have a place, and one may be better than the other for certain situations.
  16. GuevaraBeats, I think you are doing the right thing by getting a second opinion.  Seriously, your scars are not bad at all, and I would hate for you to drop that kind of cash for something that is iffy in terms of results.  Go the subcision route first and reevaluate things later on.   
  17. Sculptra?  Not a fan of that for acne scars.   Your scars are not deep and using it that superficially can leave visible bumps.   Don't trade one problem for another. One session of laser is not going to do much,  and frankly that's a lot to spend for questionable efficacy.   Subcision might give you some improvement.  Try less expensive methods before you spend that kind of money.  
  18. Robertito, great comment.  That is exactly why I probably post way too much on here, because I've had such a tumultuous scar revision journey myself.  I just want to help in some way because I've literally tried EVERYTHING (excisions, dermabrasion, lasers, subcision, fillers, TCA Cross).   OP your emotion is palpable. I understand what you are going through because at various points I have fallen into deep depression because of the pretty significant scars I have AND the vast amount of money spent and emotional burden of treatment.  Even worse, there were some outright disastrous outcomes during my journey that left me much worse off.   I could have written this post myself.  Our stories are so similar, it's actually unnerving.   Every now and then a post like this really hits home.   
  19. Probably too early to tell.  I think there may be residual swelling that is decreasing unevenly.  Give it another couple of weeks.  Good luck.
  20. Can money fix severe scarring?

    Artefill is the same as Bellafill.  The company just rebranded it - the formulation is the same.
  21. Photos of my scarring

    IchhasseAkne.... all good points and some good analysis.  I've done my fair share of reading about lasers as well (more than I want to admit) and my conclusion on non-ablative lasers like Fraxel Restore is that it is a "compromise technology."   What I mean by that is that if you research why and how they were developed, you'd know that non-ablative lasers came about because of the significant and sometimes devastating outcomes of traditional 100% C02 lasers.  When people healed well, the results were actually really good.  But when it it went wrong, people had scarring and hypopigmentation due to the very aggressive nature of those traditional c02 lasers.  The laser companies developed these non-ablative devices to try and get around all the complications from the 100% c02 lasers.  Unfortunately they make so many trade-offs for safety that in the end they actually don't do much of anything for real scars.  Notice how the only people who say that these non-ablative lasers are good for scars NEVER actually have photos to prove it.  They only use the stock photos provided by the laser companies.  If you ask the real scarring experts, they'll tell you that simple, older, and less fancy minor surgical techniques like TCA Cross, subcision, and fillers are much more effective.   As for the reactions of other people to seeing severe scarring, I think it's really comes down to the fact that really bad acne scarring is quite rare.  And "severe" to the general public can be what we here consider "not that bad," because we are just more sensitized to what bad scarring actually looks like.  In everyday life, I honestly never see really really noticeable cases of acne scarring.  That's why people have such visibly negative reactions when they do see it, because it's a shock to them. Just look at today's obesity levels - 40 years ago, the kind of obesity we have today would be shocking, and yet now the majority of American adults are overweight or obese.   And I can relate to those stares and awkward looks.  It sucks, and it does hurt a lot to be subjected to that on a frequent basis.  To tie it back to you, I think the smart thing to do would be to do the minor surgical stuff first before considering lasers, which have a spotty track record in terms of results.  You're right, it's really for "polishing" or finessing the results with the other procedures mentioned. Also, I'm glad you didn't prepay for a series, because those never work out well.  If it doesn't agree with your skin, you're screwed and won't get your money back.  
  22. That's what Accutane is.... very high doses of a derivative of Vitamin A.  
  23. Photos of my scarring

    I'm going to keep it real....He advised getting 6 sessions of Fraxel Restore because he needs to pay off his machine.  Seriously, this doctor is not being straight with you.  Yes, I agree you have volume loss and atrophic scars, which calls for subcision+suction and possibly fillers.   I'm not saying lasers don't have a place, but I personally think, and many doctors agree, lasers should be left to the end after you've done everything to elevate them as close as possible to the level of normal skin.  As for Fraxel Restore, the only utility it may have is for minor scarring.  I wouldn't waste my money on something that's basically a crap shoot.  Personally, I think you should start with subcision and suction and see how much improvement you can get.  That way, if you decide to refine the results with fillers, you will end up paying for less over time, since it will require indefinite maintenance if you get temporary fillers.  Permanent fillers are an option IF you research the subject and know exactly what you are getting into.  It is not risk free, but can provide good improvement on scars with volume loss.  
  24. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

    This is straight up STUPID.  People like you have utterly destroyed the purpose of this forum that is meant to help people with real serious skin issues. I've had ENOUGH of this.  Enough with these TROLL posts.   And if you had even a tiny bit of motivation to RESEARCH, you'd realize that the solution to red marks is and will always be VBEAM.  It's 2015 and this question needs to stop being asked.  Christ.
  25. Subcision plus suctioning before attempting lasers.  Lasers have a place, but I think they will do little to raise up the deepest scars.  You need a procedure to decrease their depth before resurfacing procedures can work well.  TCA Cross on ice pick scars.