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  1. blahblah82 added a post in a topic Are These Rolling Scars? Pictures Included   

    Feigning being devastated by non-existent scars to get validation.  This forum has been overtaken with these types of posts.  Everyone who genuinely wants to help is over these types of posts.  
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  2. blahblah82 added a post in a topic will mixto clear these scars?   

    Lasers won't be much use for these ice pick type scars.  TCA Cross or punch excision followed by skin resurfacing would be more effective.
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  3. blahblah82 added a post in a topic ~My~ Subcision/microneedling Journey W/ 2 Week Protocol + More   

    FYI, usually cortisone atrophy does correct itself, but it could take many many months.  There was a girl here who started a super long thread detailing her botched cortisone injections.  The indentation on her chin area was significant, but I think it ultimately filled in for her.  So don't lose hope yet.  

    I'm not sure what your doctor means by saying you have too much scar tissue for subcision.  
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