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  1. Come With Me On My Subcision Expedition

    Wow huge difference.  Congrats.
  2. Accutane... saved my life quite honestly.
  3. I came across this great paper on subcision which shows some great results.   What I find really interesting is how a lot of these studies on the effectiveness of subcision are coming out of non-Western medical journals.  It seems like in other parts of the world, the emphasis has been on minor surgical procedures like subcision that can greatly improve acne scars. Here in the West all we tend to see are studies on lasers and technology based approaches.  It goes to show that fancier technology does not mean better results, and frankly for the right scars, it seems the simpler approaches are far more effective.   I really believe that the laser or resurfacing approach to treating acne scars fail most of the time because they don't address the main cause of why acne scars are visible-- shadowing.  Most doctors nowadays laser the skin in a uniform fashion, meaning they remove the same amount of skin from the high points and the low points on the face.  This means that the depth of the scars remains the same.  This is why it's imperative that you raise the depressions before even attempting resurfacing.  It frustrates me when doctors just say "Lasers" for everything.  Any kind of resurfacing is pointless if you have deep holes.  They need to be elevated as close as possible to the level of the normal skin before lasers, dermabrasion, or any kind of resurfacing can be of any use.  
  4. I agree with the above posters on all points.  First, your "acne scars" are practically non-existent and getting procedures would be a waste of money, time, and if you go to someone out to get your money it could make things a lot worse.  Check out what some other people are dealing with on here.  This is a  non-issue. Like il90 said, these seem like the kind of people who look for perceived weaknesses in other people.  Even if the problem is very minor, they'll pounce on it and the moment you show them that it does affect you, they will exploit it to make you feel bad.  I've gotten rid of a lot of toxic, mean-spirited people in my life and frankly I'm glad they're gone.   You wanted objective opinions, and the truth is that you have extremely minor skin issues. 
  5. 5-Fu Injections

    I've never heard of this.  I would think that the amount used is so minute that it would not likely do anything cognitively.   It is a chemotherapy drug yes, but for scarring the amount is infinitesimally small.
  6. Request for sydney surgeon recommendation

    I should look into Dr. Lim.  Also, I just read that in Australia some of the procedures can be partially covered through insurance, which is unheard of here in the US.  
  7. Cortisone injections for the raised scars.   Subcision and suction for the rolling scars at the temples.  If the cortisone injections alone are not flattening the hypertrophic scars, you can add 5-FU to the cortisone.  Not every dermatologist is aware of this so you need to ask around to see who offers cortisone plus 5-FU injections for raised scarring.  As far as what you can do at home, use silicone scar sheets on the raised scars.  You can buy them at any drug store.  Just buy the cheapest store brand ones because they all work the same.  All that said, the rest of your skin looks pretty good.   For discoloration you can try hydroquinone bleaching cream and retin-A.  Retin-A will also improve the general quality of your skin.
  8. Every licensed doctor is an MD.  All doctors go through school and pick a specialization like dermatology or oncology, or pediatrics and then have to get board certified in their specific areas.  Here's where it gets confusing: A lot of doctors are getting into the cosmetic surgery game because they know it's easy money.  All cosmetic procedures are out of pocket, meaning that insurance will never cover any of these procedures.  Doctors from all sorts of disciplines are abandoning what they specialized in school for and taking a few weekend courses and workshops and then setting up med spas.  A lot of them literally have next to no experience in doing cosmetic procedures.   There's this phenomenon of dentists, gynecologists doing lasers, botox, and fillers now.  It's the wild wild west in cosmetic medicine.  That's why it is so IMPORTANT and CRUCIAL that you scrutinize their background.   Also, legally the only people that can call themselves Plastic surgeons are people who specificially are board certified in plastic surgery.  A lot of doctors call themselves "Cosmetic Surgeons" because legally they cannot call themselves plastic surgeons.  It's  a sneaky little way they deceive the public.   The only official regulatory body for plastic surgeons is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  All the other boards like the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or any other "official" sounding boards are totally fake and set up by non plastic surgeons to give the impression they are official.  Don't fall for it.   Even our famous Dr. Rahimi calls himself a cosmetic surgeon.  He is however, NOT legally a plastic surgeon.  He's simply a board certified dermatologist who also dabbles in some cosmetic surgery procedures, because that's where the big bucks are.  The important thing is to always research and don't buy everything you hear from ANY doctor.  That said, it doesn't mean these "cosmetic surgeons" don't do good work, it's just that they're being a little misleading with their supposed training.  The cosmetic surgery business is almost totally unregulated and anyone with an MD, no experience to years of experience can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon.
  9. General scar treatment logistics...

    LOL, il90, you are hardcore then.  Being a guy, I don't have the hair option.   You are right though, because even though it may feel awkward, you can rest assured that you will never see those strangers again.  They'll just think you're some random weirdo on the train.  
  10. General scar treatment logistics...

    You will be totally fine in terms of driving.  It's not like you are coming out of general anesthesia.  Whenever I've had anything major done in the past, and I've literally done it ALL, I just ask to pay beforehand and get all the money stuff out of the way.  After it's done, I just dash to my car and drive home.  There's no way in hell I would take public transit after a procedure.  
  11. These look like hypertrophic / keloid scars.   You need to get them injected with with cortisone to flatten them.   Pulse dye lasets may also help. 
  12. Acne Scars Greatly Improved!

    DermarollingGirl, what types of scars improved the most for you with rolling?
  13. What to do with acne scars?

    Banish Acne Scars Kit?  Are you kidding me?   That stuff is preposterously priced rollers that you can get elsewhere for literally 1/5 of the price.  They're another prime example of a business gouging desperate people who aren't sophisticated in their knowledge of acne scars and the appropriate treatments.  I would highly caution against anyone buying their stuff.  It is essentially repackaged rollers probably sourced from China, like MOST of the rollers on the market.     Save your money and buy a decent roller elsewhere.   
  14. Try a temporary filler first and be certain that you like the results.  You can always go with permanent fillers later, but once they're in there's no going back.  Not sure if you have Bellafill where you're at but I'd consider that only after you've experimented with something temporary like Restylane.  Permanent fillers have some risk.  Of course if the subcisions give you a lot of improvement, you may not even need fillers.  
  15. Bad acne scarring

    To his credit, Dr. Rahimi does take on a lot of difficult cases as evidenced by his instagram page.  Some of his patients have very significant scarring.  That said, a lot of the pics are taken in completely different lighting, which is disingenuous.  He has made it a habit recently to take before pictures in severe overhead lighting, and then presents the "afters" with a strong front flash which would make anyone's skin look much better.  This is not a momentary lapse, but a deliberate misrepresentation on his part because he does it repeatedly.  That is not acceptable to me.    He's had some success with some members on here, but I also think he misrepresents his results and his prices have risen ridiculously.  There are also a few cases on here where the member said they failed to get any real improvements after spending thousands.   The point is to take everything on the internet with a grain of salt.  Even with his great before and afters, Dr. Lim's pics also need to be scrutinized closely. Always take note of the lighting and ask when the "afters" were taken after the last treatment.
  16. Bad acne scarring

    I like that he specified that the after video was taken 10 weeks after the last treatment.   So what is shown is actual results and not post op swelling.   
  17. Bad acne scarring

    Dr. Davin Lim is the real deal.  His before and afters are seriously the best I have seen that are believable.   I just found his new youtube channel the to other day and he has posted some great acne scarring videos. This one is pretty damn good.  Seriously, if I was anywhere in Australia, I'd find a way to get to him.  
  18. Post Subcision Results w/Picture

    Awesome results.   I hope it continues to improve for you.  It's nice to see some positive posts. Do you feel there is still a lot of residual swelling ?  After all the swelling went away with your 1st subcision, what % improvement did you get?  
  19. Just a thought here.  The research on silicone scar sheets suggest that it is not the actual silicone itself that has some magical qualities to it.  It's the pressure and moisture that comes by constantly having an occlusive layer on the skin that actually flattens the raised scarring.  Many surgeons recommend using plain medical tape, which is like dirt cheap at any drug store.  That said, many of these silicone scar sheets are reusable, so you just have to rinse them with plain water and air dry.  Get the store brand ones which are super cheap and you can reuse them over and over.  You could try to do sections over time, as it would be impractical to cover your entire back everyday. Examples of paper tape: Read Opinions from Plastic surgeons here:  
  20. A point needs to be made. Scarring is not a condition that can be healed.  It can be improved, camouflaged, or blended to make it look less noticeable to an observer.  Scarring IS the body's way of healing. When you get a cut or a wound, the body's job is to heal it as quickly as possible.  It has no regard for whether or not the scar will look aesthetically pleasing.  It doesn't care about that.  The idea that scars can be healed as a premise is a fallacy.   All of the current treatments for scars do not replace the scars with new unscarred skin,  they only replace it with a more aesthetic looking scar by blending, flattening, or leveling off depressions.   Actually, there is one point that you made that I actually (sort of) agree with.  Some of the more effective treatments for scarring do not have to extremely expensive, namely TCA Cross, Subcision + suction, dermaroller.
  21. Precision tx for acne scars?

    Sorry but this sounds like utter bullshit.  This laser is used for excessive sweating.  Your doctor seems highly unethical to try and make you pay for something that has no indication for acne scarring.   I'd say drop this doctor.
  22. Dr. Davin Lim for sure..... 
  23. Help please, botched subcision

    Scar tissue is made up of collagen.  An excessive buildup of scar tissue / collagen results in a hypertrophic scar, the opposite for a depressed scar.  With subcision, you are basically inducing scarring to create a permanent layer of scar tissue that acts as a spacer to elevate the pitted scar.
  24. Do NOT waste your money on Fraxel Restore, Fraxel Dual, or any number of other nonablative lasers on the market.   They are essentially worthless for acne scarring.   Get your remaining acne under control.  Then I'd say subcision may help.  
  25. Help please, botched subcision

    There is that possibility.  Subcision is meant to create a layer of scar tissue underneath a pitted scar as the blood pools underneath it in a small local hematoma.  Over the weeks, that collection becomes scar tissue that fills the space in the scar.  If it does become a raised scar you can get cortisone injections to flatten it.  It's hard to say at this point how it will heal.   Sounds like he was overly aggressive.   Avoid anymore trauma to the area and then reassess.  Sorry this happened to you.