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  1. Your point is? That is such a remote possibility it's pointless. That's only if you inject in the tear troughs. Once again you find a way to make it about you bro. Not constructive or helpful in the least. Is that how you are in real life?
  2. I don't think it is practical to just recommend going to Dr. Lim. That isn't financially feasible for most people. You could give TCA Cross a try for the boxcar and ice pick scars, although you should proceed cautiously because of your darker skin tone. For me fillers work well to raise the deeper depressions. If you go the filler route, you pretty much get instant results if they are injected flawlessly. Of course that will have to be repeated indefinitely, but with the longer lasting fillers like Voluma you may be able to go 1-2 years before it needs to be redone. That is absolutely the safest route, because fillers will not make your scars worse. There are permanent fillers, but those come with risks such as lumps and overcorrection that will be extremely hard to fix if your doctor has bad technique or your body rejects them.
  3. Travelling to Dr. Davin Lim from ASIAN countries.

    While I really like his results and I think he's one of the better doctors out there for acne scars, I think everyone should take a breath before elevating him to guru status. We've seen this a lot with other doctors in the past. It's always important to be realistic, and understand that even Dr. Lim only posts his best results. It is possible that you may not get the kind of results we see in the pictures and videos. Traveling half way around the world is a huge investment, and most likely it will take many many procedures to get to the level of improvement we see in the videos. In fact, he says explicitly that many of the cases take 6 months to a year to get the final results. Just be prepared and understand what you are getting into.
  4. AVOID Mixto, useless (at least for me)

    There are some on this forum that are simply delusional, who are drama queens and seek pity and attention. But, I know that what the OP talks about is real. As a long time poster on this forum, I usually try to keep it constructive and focused on solutions. That said, I know first hand what it feels like to have people stare at you, snicker, or give you a look of disgust. It's really painful, and it's real. I've had more unfortunate experiences with assholes in public than I deserve for being just one person. That said, I have made progress over the years. All we can hope for is improvement at this time.
  5. Mixto laser on cheeks for acne scars

    So was he the one that treated you ? I'm not clear on where you got your laser and filler, which failed in your opinion. To be fair to Rahimi, he really does see the worst of the worst. I mean some of the acne scarring cases he sees are heartbreaking and tragic. But I really think he needs to rein it in with the unnecessary procedures which are more about lining his pocket than helping scarring.
  6. Mixto laser on cheeks for acne scars

    DRagz and Slee were basically the two threads that brought Rahimi a lot of attention and business. They did get positive results and both were happy with their treatment. Yes, I think as far as subcisions go, Rahimi does seem to know what he's doing. I don't really discredit his skill level, but more his recent business tactics, which include pushing unnecessary procedures on not very sophisticated patients. I think he recommended Ultherapy to a few people at a cost of several thousand $$$'s, and that is an experimental technique at best. It's marketed for skin tightening and it barely has any real convincing evidence for that, let alone acne scarring. That feels wrong to me to recommend something that has no real clinical evidence at such a steep cost. Acne scar patients are usually some of the most desperate and emotionally vulnerable patients, so it's easy to take advantage of this group of people.
  7. Mixto laser on cheeks for acne scars

    A lot of doctor's become well known here and eventually fall out of favor for one reason or another. Dr. Lim is certainly no God, but he does produce consistently good results. Dr. Rahimi's name was at one point bounced around a lot on these forums. There's another surgeon Dr. Mark Taylor who does good work, but haven't heard much from him recently. I think what separates Dr. Lim is that he "gets it." This is in contrast to someone like a Dr. Jason Emer, who is the epitome of aggressive self-promotion. Plus, I don't even think he really has any good results. Everything Dr. Lim says jives with my own experience, having undergone all of the major types of treatments. Plus, the fact that he says that lasers are not suitable for all cases makes him more trustworthy than the ones who prescribe lasers for everything. The guy who recommends a TCA CRoss procedure for $300 bucks over a $4000 laser, has more credibility to me. That said, he's had some failures as well, so no he's not God, but he's one of the better ones when it comes acne scar revisions.
  8. Mixto laser on cheeks for acne scars

    Several years ago, before he became well known on the forums, his prices were much more reasonable and some users had positive experiences with him. I've followed him over the years, and his prices have gotten totally out of hand, while his results have gotten fewer and far between. I have not seen a convincing result from him in ages. Plus, his before and "afters" are now heavily doctored, with totally inconsistent lighting. I'm talking severe overhead lighting in the before's and strong front facing flash in the afters. I know I've been saying this forever, but lasers really should be reserved for the end. They do nothing for deep scars, which require adjunctive measures to make them as shallow as possible before lasers. Seems like most people here are now catching on to this and understand that this is the only way lasers have any real value. A $4000 laser session right out of the gate is just not smart. Why not exhaust the tried and true, but much less glamorous methods first?
  9. Check out these before and afters

    It's the same person. Looking at it again, it seems like the "afters" were taken soon after, which means a lot of that improvement is simply swelling. Post laser swelling can make it look like 90% improvement.
  10. I think I ruined my face with TCA please help!!!

    Reported for being a scam / shill account. Bye Felicia.
  11. Laser Doesn't Work, Prove Me Wrong.

    The extreme ends of the debate 1) Lasers are totally useless 2) Lasers are the gold standard are both kinda wrong. Lasers have their place, but cannot be used for every situation. It has to be tailored to the individual case. A lot of practices out there buy a $100K machine to bring in a new revenue source. So when a doctor does not have in depth expertise, they operate by the "when you have a hammer, every problem is a nail" kind of mentality. They are very limited in their understanding and do the same thing for every case.
  12. That is not dermabrasion. I've had 2 spot dermabrasions and trust me microdermabrasion is nothing like real surgical dermabrasion. You will be bloody and swollen, and recovering for 1-2 weeks depending on how deep it goes. The lighting is completely suspect.
  13. MSM: The verdict?

    There is no topical or supplement in existence that does anything for acne scars. It is 100% all snake oil. The only things that have any effect are surgical treatments, lasers, TCA Cross, etc.
  14. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    First off, I think you'll do fine. They have used Silikon 1000 in even more substantial volumes for patients with significant fat atrophy like long-term HIV patients. From what I've read, those patients have done well. Personally, I think if you inject deeply you will avoid the main issue with permanent fillers, which is visible lumps and bumps. It could look unaesthetic, but you won't get sick or anything. Significant complications like the stuff you see in the news is always from black market, industrial silicone injected by shady non-medical people in a back alley, not a doctor's office. So are you happy with your final result or you feel uncertain whether to recommend it? If it was a net positive for you then that's good. I was just really surprised that it was that much volume. Like I stated 7 ccs is a lot of filler, and with silicone you have to factor in the collagen production / encapsulation that happens as your body reacts to the silicone. Anytime you put a foreign substance into the human body it will react and try to "wall-off" the substance. That's actually what is intended with permanent fillers like silicone and Bellafill. How much volume is generated is unpredictable, because it's just based on your own physiology. That's why it's really important to go very slow with permanent fillers because you have to gauge your body's reaction. My personal advice for anyone going for permanent filler would be to 1) Be conservative with the volume 2) Go very slowly because you can't predict your body's reaction and how much volume it will generate 3) Do not inject ice-pick scars. Even the Bellafill marketing material explicitly states that you should only inject untethered rolling scars. The same would apply for silicone. 4) Maintain strict hygiene in the first 24 hours after injection (no makeup, touching your face) because you want to avoid potential biofilms 5) Be careful about injecting shallower scars because overcorrection is a distinct possibility.
  15. Laser Doesn't Work, Prove Me Wrong.

    I have felt this way for a long time. It's not that lasers don't work, they do to a degree, but they are vastly overhyped and overused for all types of scarring. Lasers are marketed and pushed by doctors as the mainstay of acne scar correction. People believe it because when you look at this $100K machine you rationalize that it must be that expensive because it is super advanced, with some inherent magical technologies. In reality, I think lasers should play a supporting role, not the main role, in acne scar revision. If you have deep, deep scars, no laser in the world is going to cause that indentation to raise up. Here's the problem, when doctors use the lasers they laser the skin uniformly. The skin in the high points and depressions are removed by the same amount. Imagine a plot of land with valleys in it. If you remove the level surface and valleys by the same amount, the depths of the valleys in relation to the surrounding area is the same. Nothing has changed except that now the total surface area has all been lowered by the same amount. This is why you have to lift deep holes before you use a laser.
  16. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Wait, hold up.... 7ccs????? Are you sure? Is it possible you mean 0.7cc? 7ccs of any filler is a tremendous amount of volume. I can't image you had that much volume loss on your entire face. This would be an incredibly large amount of silicone injected. The actual total volume you end up with would be much greater than 7 cc's because silicone causes the body to react and encapsulate it with collagen. Does your face look significantly fuller? The medical grade versions of silicone, like Silikon 1000 which is made by Alcon, is FDA approved however for retinal detachment. Doctors have the ability to use it off-label to treat other things that are not explicitly approved by the FDA. It is not approved for injection into the skin, which is why it is used off-label as a filler material. Botox for example is only approved for certain medical uses and for crow's feet and yet doctors use it just about everywhere on the face. As long as the product is FDA approved, the law allows doctors to use products in off-label ways when patients give consent.
  17. What kind of scars do I have? Severity? Solution?

    First, don't go with this doctor. Anyone who suggests only one modality is not an expert, and frankly just after your money. You were smart to think twice about this surgeon. As many of us have found out the hard way, doctors will push what they know and have on hand. I recommend avoiding doctors who do not make acne scar correction a major part of their practice. With boxcar scars, you ca do subcision on them but the sharp edges will still be noticeable. That's where resurfacing enters the picture. Once you lift the depression, resurfacing with laser / dermabrasion helps to soften / blend the sharp edges of boxcars.
  18. Kenalog dent, options, depression help!

    I think hyaluronic acid is pretty safe in terms of the actual material. It is bio-identical to our own natural HA. The glabella area between the brows is a higher risk area, but it's probably a remote risk. Hyaluronic acid would not impede your own healing. If you do get the filler, I think by the time it dissipates, your own tissue might make a recovery.
  19. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Silicone does fill up scars, but always be sure that the scars are not tethered, because if the silicone "donuts" around a tethered scar, it will be very difficult to correct. Permanent fillers are pretty tricky and do have some inherent risk. I think the most likely risk from permanent fillers is overcorrection, where you end up with visible bumps and ridging. It is best to go slow and give it some time for the collagen to build up. Remember the volume created is from both the silicone and your body's reaction to it and the collagen that encapsulates the material.
  20. How severe is my scarring?

    I'd also rate them as moderate. The scars seem to be concentrated in your beard area, so it makes concealing them so much easier. If my scars were concentrated there and if I could actually grow a full beard, I would rock a stubble or bearded look. Further, if you do treat the scars in that area, concealing the post treatment telltale redness, etc, would be much easier as well. I see a mix of scars, including rolling type scars that may respond to subcision.
  21. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Acne scars and scars in general are difficult to improve, but it is possible. I think sometimes as scar sufferers, our expectations outpace what can be realistically achieved. Unfortunately, all methods are imperfect as of now. How much improvement we get is a function of our own healing abilities, the skill of the doctor, choosing the right method, and the type of scar. Unfortunately, it's also true that some scars are totally resistant or too severe / far gone to improve in any way. If you are looking for improvement, that can be achieved. If you are looking for perfection like the acne or trauma never happened, that's not currently possible.
  22. Tca Cross or Tca peel?

    Start out SLOW. Do not do every single scar on your face, that is asking for a disaster. If you are doing this for the first time, please be careful. A spot test will give you a better idea of how you will heal.
  23. I agree with Ohmmm. I only sound aggressive because you have nothing to worry about. You're seriously wasting your time stressing about a near non-existent issue. You have to be tough mentally to endure any scar procedure thats worth a damn and frankly, I think you will have a melt down undergoing anything like TCA Cross, subcision, and FORGET laser. Here's the brutal truth. You will be bleeding, red, swollen, bruised, and generally look hideous after any of these procedures. You WILL look worse for a while post procedure and there is no guarentee it will work and possibly back fire. I've been down this road and have endured more than most on here in my journey. It's only worth it if you actually have scars that are moderate to severe, of which you do not.
  24. You seriously need to stop spamming this forum.
  25. Every pimple turns into an ice-pick scar.

    You need to get on Accutane. If your acne is scarring regardless of whether you are picking at them or not, then it's serious enough for Accutane.