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on 02/02/2015
This is the only toner that I have used that has not caused me to breakout. I use it along with Simple's refreshing facial wash and it has done wonders for my skin, which has the annoying tendency to both break out and be very, very dry.
Great for dry and sensitive skin
on 02/02/2015
I have skin that has a tendency to dry out very easily and very quickly. After suffering a few bad breakouts post-accutane, I decided to start cleansing twice a day, morning and evening, rather than just in the evening as I had been doing. I used a number of other facial wash cleansers and they all dried my skin out, to such an extent that it was peeling horribly. This Simple facial wash is by far the best I have used and since I have there have been no fresh breakouts and my skin is not dried out. Would definitely, definitely recommend it for those with dry skin and prone to acne breakouts.