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  1. Tiny bumps and redness

    Hey girl What type of moisturizer do you use? I had this problem after quitting Retin-a and found out it was because my skin was so dehydrated.. I stopped exfoliating as well for a while to get my moisture barrier back. Do they pop out of nowhere sometimes overnight? I use First aid beauty ultra repair cream and its helped tons
  2. Hi Mr.T, I took Accutane about 5 years ago, and I experienced the same thing. Mine went away but took a bit of time. I found continuing gentle skin options and moisturizer helped me. I think the flushing might be common as I have heard i a lot!
  3. Hi AhaGuru, Thanks for the response! I've picked up the D3 and hoping it helps This is a pic of my current skin; sometimes it's better sometimes it;s worse.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me out; I've got a question with 'Clindoxyl' or 'Duac' is another name for the topical. I've gone thru accutane and managed to end up with fairly mild acne 5 years later. What had come back mostly was really small red bumps on my forehead. I was on Retin-a for just over two years and it worked amazing. Didnt really experience any during that time. I've quit Retin-a about a month ago because I'm planning on my first baby end of this year Unfortunately within a week those little demons came back. My skin was so dehydrated from the retin-a (probably didn't moisturize enough those years) so I just used moisturizer until I got my barrier back. My doctor prescribed clindoxyl and Ive been on it for just over two weeks. My question is ....the little red bumps are now gone but I am now getting bigger red bumps that seem inflamed. My skin is dry and I am moisturzing quite a bit. Is this normal or am I missing something? I'm hoping it's just a phase but honestly I'm unsure. never got these angry red bumps before. The rest of my face has been fine since I've quite Retin-a, surprisingly. Sorry for the super long post, I was just hoping maybe I missed something! Thank you in advance! Angie
  5. Facial Redness and small bumps

    If it's also on your arms, it sounds to me like keratosis pilaris. Maybe check it out?
  6. Try either an AHA (I use Dan's AHA cream) or retin-a. I went off retin-a because we're going to have kids soon, and I got these again. I ordered Dan's AHA and it works pretty nicely
  7. please help im so distressed about this

    Have you tried hydrocortisone cream? It's worth a try or perhaps don't use any acne meds for a few days..wash with a gentle cleanser (like CeraVe) and a simple moisturizer. We've all been there, don't worry! It'll only be temporary
  8. Bumps on forehead

    Hi Jacky, Do those bumps stay for weeks at a time? Looks to me like closed comedones. Try adding a AHA+ into your regime Acne.org has a cream one!