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  1. hyperpigmentation or scarring?

    Thanks for the responses everyone.  @Arte90, there are a few areas with slight texture differences but it seems really shallow... If I press my finger against my skin and run it across, there are a few points where I can feel a VERY subtle "drop". Again I do not know what constitutes as severe scarring. Maybe it's not as shallow as I think after all.   @Hyperpigmentation Expert. Here is an album of some pictures I just took. It's hard to take HD photos so I took a bunch so hopefully it will give you an idea:    What do you think? 
  2. hyperpigmentation or scarring?

    here's my skin in normal lighting: are you sure its severe/moderate scarring...?
  3. pic: I can't tell if i have serious scarring or if this is just hyperpigmentation. I took the pic in really bright fluorescent lights (it makes it much more prominent, does seem like shadows are dropped). If it is scarring, is it shallow? Will it go away with something like retin-a?