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  1. Yes!!! Although I don't have Ibs. I've actually just logged into this website for the first time in ages as I'm sick of the bloating. I first got the bloat on another pill, then switched to yasmin to see if that stopped it. It continued and I had all sorts of tests done - ultrasounds, laparoscopy, colonoscopy. In the end it seemed like it must be yasmin so I had to choose between bloat and clear skin. I chose clear skin. Now I'm thinking of trying spironolactone instead and coming off the pill so I can try and get some confidence back! Some people do get side effects that settle down after a few months - hopefully this will be the case for you. However I have heard that yasmin isn't good for digestive issues. The only thing that really helped my bloating was a strong probiotic supplement. Also - never look down at your stomach, always seems to look 10x worse than in the mirror. In terms of time, it took me about 2 months to notice a real difference. The first month it was worse than it had ever been. Everyone's different though. Hope it works out for you - I feel your pain.