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  1. Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa

    Hey Tracy, this was about 3 years ago so I have no idea but, the fact that you had such a good experience its making me rethink my options, considering he's super close. I'll give them Monday to schedule an appointment.
  2. Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa

    Really? I felt the complete opposite when I called their office. I'm close to the city so he was always an option. I think I'm flying to Salt Lake city guys. I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. Who Has The Best Scar Doctor In The Usa

    Thanks for the replies everyone! So I looked into all of these and the pictures of Davin Lim were incredible. I'm using my miles for flight and stay but Australia is crazy expensive when I'm off from work. My scarring is moderate, mostly in the cheek area. Doing a little research I think a good procedure for me would be subcision, fraxel re:pair combined with bellafill, and re-cell (sight, I wish, no-recell in US). So I'm looking into some of the names you guys given me to see who can perform all preferably at once. Thanks again and keep them coming, this could be useful to others as well. If I remember correctly Noviks prices were crazy high even tho I went to DR. Rappaport for my first treatment, and DR Rullan's reviews are not too good. Not trying to risk it a second time.
  4. Hi all, it's been a while since I've been here. I had subcision with Dr. Rappaport from NY about 2 years ago. One session for a mix of rolling, boxcar scars. Outcome was mediocre at best, very little improvement and lots of post inflammatory pigmentation that lasted over a yr (still has some). Fast forward to today, I'm still very unhappy with my scarring. So I'm looking to fly pretty much anywhere in the US to get treated. I don't want to just do lasers, maybe a combination of treatments....... Long story short, I have rolling/boxcar scars and post inflammatory pigmentation that I want treated. I'm in NJ but willing to travel if you had success with your practitioner. Thanks in advance!!