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  1. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Masturbation Causeing Acne   

    Realized this is from 3 months ago but whatever. Just wanted to weigh on this real quick. I've been on these forums for 2 years and dealed with acne for 7 years. Around 3 years ago i thought that acne was caused by masturbation but after testing it several times came to the conclusion this was false and that acne is caused by sugar. I have been able to control my acne by controlling my sugar intake and taking zinc. however, i still have occasional pimples for the last 3 years. anyway, i recently abstained from masturbation for 2 weeks for a seperate reason not related to acne. Strangely, all my acne disapearred after about 5 days of this. I then broke this 14 day break for an unrelated reason and very strangely today I have 5 small pimples that are completely out of the blue. I have not changed my diet at all and it almost seems like the masturbation caused it which is hilarious and crazy. I am not going to abstain from masturbating to get rid of acne as I do not really beleive it and i think diet is was really causes acne. However, the last 14 days go against this. It is quite wierd to say the least. So i beleive you guys when you say that acne is in part caused by "excessive masturbation". Come to think about it i only started getting acne at the age i started masturbating or the beggining of puberty.
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  2. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Vitamin D Has Cured Me Of Oily Skin And Acne   

    Thanks for reminding me to go take my vitamin D

    I stayed in the sun for 30 minutes every day all last summer and I have light white skin and my serum went from 10 to 23 which is still deficient and I live in a very sunny area. In my opinion the only way to maintain proper vitamin D levels in today's world due to our style of livin is to take at least 5000 iu vitamin d a day and probably more if you want the optimum levels which effects your immune system, acne, and testosterone levels, etc mood.
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    insulin acne

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  4. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Bumps Or Spots Due To Fungal Folliculitis!sure?or Blind Try?   

    i have dermatitis on my scalp as well as hair loss. my doctor prescribed me anti fungal shampoo nizoral. most of my acne is gone after i changed my diet but is their a chance that the dermatitis on my scalp is related to my past acne? is dermatitis a general term but one form of it is from funguses? my acne cleared up big time when i cut out sugar from my diet. is it possible that my acne is related to my scalp dermatitis or fungus?
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  5. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic My 1 Month Paleo Diet Results! With Pictures   

    great question. i also wonder this. it strange that breads do not have lots of sugar but cause acne for some. personally, i am not sure if breads cause acne for me. i know when i got rid of all sugar my acne decreased by 75%. but i had a slow gradual change when i got rid of bread and white rice/pasta. i am not sure i need to follow the strict paleo diet or maybe just avoid sugar and dairy.
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  6. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Paleo Diet Update   

    actually my body is different according to you. within 5 days of my eating fish oil i develop cysts that i never get. within eating vitamin b6 and b12 within 3 days i develop the acne symtoms from it that i normally do not have,
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  7. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Paleo Diet Update   

    yes i have no more black heads! no more oily skin!just a few small pimples that come a go super quick and slowly they are decreasing in number even though i started weightlifting.

    thank you guys for your encouragement.

    i think you are right because when i eat fish i do not think i get the cysts. i am having salmon tonight so i will see if anything happens in about 2 days or if i stay pretty much clear.
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  8. Acnegoaway54 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Paleo Diet Update
    i have been on a low glycemic diet for 2 and half months. 3 weeks ago i cut out sugar. 1 week ago i cut out all grains making my diet a true paleo diet. after the first 2 months i had great improvement. about 55%. after cutting out the sugar i had 75% improvement. After cutting out the grains i am now 95% clear. the only mistake i made was adding some flax seeds to my oatmeal. Everytime i add omega 3's to my diet i break out in cysts that i never get otherwise. they last about 2 weeks. this happened with fish oil and now with flax seed. anyway, after going full paleo and cutting out the pop corn i was using as a snack, my back acne continues to be 100% clear. other than the cysts which are shrinking which were caused by flax seed, i have 2 pimples on my upper right forehead. it is very strange because i have gotten them there for about 2 weeks and 1 on my right forehead. and no where else. both cheeks are clear except for the cysts!!! w000t! i can finally shave. none of that chin acne! it feels awesome! i am just waiting for these last few pimples on the forehead to clear up. and i have a new one but its from the flax seed. so i recomend it to everyone but u must be strict. i had lunch today with some students who offered me pizza and was about to cheat but realized it is not worth it! while this diet will not make you feel great, not having the acne is really nice!

    oh and i have a question. can i eat oatmeal?? it is not instant. if i am having problems when i eat whole grain bread is it ok for me to eat oatmeal? because the oatmeal i eat could definately have been eaten by a caveman.

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  9. Acnegoaway54 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Active Acne 95% Improvement, Acne Redness 66% Improvement, Acne Redness 50% Improvement
    I have been doing 2 things. the first is urine therapy, Urine is sterile look it up. Seeing as how like 90% of Americans are pretty ignorant I know that most people will post the following:

    "ooh that disgusting. i dont even know what that is but i have been trained since i was born to not like it. even though I never thought about what I was brainwashed into thinking I won't question it and will only question your 'unorthodox treatment' which millions of people use. I wonder what else I have been brainwashed into believing...?"

    i noticed that the people who post these are usually younger children on the boards, you can tell by their profile pics. Or just your average ignorant person.

    Anyway, now that I have cleared that up and effectively rebuffed all of their ignorant comments, back to the real subject. Urine therapy or my low glycemic diet has seriously cleared up my face acne. Now, here is the catch! Only the acne on my face has improved. I only apply urine to my face, not my back. I started today applying it to my back though. I have been on the diet and the urine thing for 1 month. I noticed my energy has skyrocketed. Anyway, I think it is the urine therapy that has improved my acne. Yesterday, someone told me that my skin is starting to look flawless. Just a month ago I had a pizza face. I noticed that the more I apply the urine throughout the day, the better the results are. I apply it 5 times a day. Usually each time I urinate I fill up the cup. I have finally started shaving after 6 months of not being able to because of acne. My skin is glowing and looks like a models even though I am a guy. The results are very slow. I went from 22 pimples on the first night of urine therapy to 2 today. They dry up super fast and never leave any redness. The urine sinks into your face and heals it. The more you apply, the more pretty your skin becomes. I bid you all to try this. And for the few brave and intelligent people (roughly 10% of you) even thinking about it. I had my doubts at first too. I recomend you read all the wonderful reviews for it on acne. Do not read what people say on this thread. Go to reviews or just google urine acne reviews. I found a thousand people saying it worked for them. This is the only way I convinced myself to do it. I am not going to post this again because I think urine is the secret to beautiful skin. I will never stop. The greatest thing is I can do this wherever and whenever I want. One more thing. Urine is a byproduct of the blood, not a waste product.

    Alright most of you probably won't read all that, so I will sum it up:

    1. don't listen to the ignorant brainwashed people on this thread who will disregard urine. All we can do if feel sorry for them and their ignorance
    2.My skin is glowing and looks like a models even though I am a guy. The results are very slow. I went from 22 pimples on the first night of urine therapy to 2 today.
    3.Yesterday, someone told me that my skin is starting to look flawless. Just a month ago I had a pizza face.
    4.I noticed that the more I apply the urine throughout the day, the better the results are. I apply it 5 times a day.
    5. Urine is a byproduct of the blood, not a waste product. Full of minerals and healing things.
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  10. Acnegoaway54 added a blog entry in ACNE BLOG   

    The Miracle Of Zinc Oxide
    it soothes my skin
    it gets rid of redness
    it gets rid of irritation
    it stops pimples in their tracks
    it stops pimples from getting any larger
    i eventually will stop pimples from even appearing
    the american derma association says that it decreases oil production
    this will not cure your acne but it should be on your arsenal of weapons against acne
    i apply it at night and have seen a 80% reduction in acne
    no more painful acne
    and way less redness
    i am so happy i discovered it and i hope you will give it a try. it is in diaper rash cream.
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  11. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne   

    not really.
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  12. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic What To Expect?   

    i recomend not going at all. antibiotics are dangerous. the dermatologist will most likely not care about you are a person. when you walk into his/her office all they see is money. cha ching. most dermatologists are payed by companies to endorse products. they would love to persrcibe you a drug that you most likely don't need. in addition, no pill or cream will cure your acne forever. once you go off it your acne will come back and it will come back worse than ever. asking my doctor and dermaotologists for help with me acne was one of the worst mistakes i ever made in my life. the only thing i think you should accept from them is retin a. do not accept any pills.

    you should try alternatives. acne is a disease of insulin resistance. during puberty it is normal to become insulin resistant. i don't have time to explain it all and i'm sure you don't care and will go to your dermatologist anyway. you can not say i did not warn you though. i'm only saying this to you because i wish someone had told me that years ago. the best things i know for acne are in my signature. try them before you go to dermatologist.

    and please read this:

    it explains how antibiotics are bad for some people.
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  13. Acnegoaway54 added a post in a topic Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne   

    sorry but that is a very silly question. everyone is different. some girls do. some girls don't. just like how some guys make fun of fat girls and others don't. ask yourself this. do you care about how fat a girl is? or do you see her for who she truly is. is the first thing you look at a girls figure or do you try to get to know her first? most men are guilty of the first. find a girl who doesn't care about acne. that means she will love you forever. most the girls i know don't care about acne. but its a two way street. if you expect people to not care about your acne then the world needs to be less mean to fat people, ugly people, and so forth. unfortunately it is not. if you pass judgement to others based on how they look, sound, or appear then you are ignorant. almost everyone in their entire life has done those things. this means that some girls will care about your acne and a few good ones won't. You need to find the good ones.

    but at the end of the day you can not really hold people acountable for the ignorance. i was an extremely ignorant person for a very long time. i don't think i was born ignorant. i see the same ignorance in my 79 year old father and he passed it down to me. some people like him are ignorant their entire lives. they never wake up and see the world for what it really is. i think this is what seperates the good from the bad. people who can wake up and see out the ignorance are the small light at the end of the tunnel for our society. ignorance is passed down generation after generation. until someone breaks the cycle. its like and eye for an eye. someone has to forgive to stop this viscious circle! an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. at the end of the day though, i feel all the blame rests on the shoulders of "god". If he created mankind then he gave them their will to be bad and be ignorant. essentially he started all the ignorance and the cycle. he is the alpha. now this makes him a terrible being. it is the only way to look at it. why else is life unfair. is religion more than a tool to control society. i think not. at the end of the night, how can my sins and ignorance be my burden to carry. for if i was created by the lord he had it preprogrammed that i would have these qualities. this makes god a very terrible person. fortunately there is an answer to all these problems that i just thought of. what if this life is nothing more than a landscape and a game. the things that happen don't truly matter. god creates us and makes us bad on purpose. he wants to see if we have the courage to perservere and be "good". of course without good their is not evil. this is a serious paradox. then agian so is the idea of god creating humanity. if god created us then how can we truly make any decision or have free will? its impossible because god had to know all the paths. he gives us the right to pick a path? how? if he gave us the original impulse then that would pick the path for us. basically we have no control over anything at all. maybe not even suicide is a choice. we have no understanding of the afterlife or proof that it exists. at the end of the night their is no proof of anything. i can't prove you exist and quite frankly this post has been rambling on and on and on. the answer is maybe. maybe girls care about you acne. if they do then they are not good for you anyway.
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  14. Acnegoaway54 added a blog entry in ACNE BLOG   

    Zinc Oxide Working Well
    it has been 9 days since i started using zinc oxide. i am 90% clear and looking a lot better. i apply it at night and it dries out any pimples i have within two nights and prevents them from coming back. i recomnd it to anyone with acne.
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