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  1. Can you guys help?

    Please don't feel so bad about it. I swear it is really not that bad AT ALL. How long have you been taking the flucloxacillin?   
  2. Helppp pleasee, (pictures inside)

    I'd say maybe take the plunge and start using the tretinoin. Did you recently get that prescribed to you?  Also have you thought about switch up your diet to see if that might help too?  
  3. Mess. I'm a pure mess. Life's a mess. Skin's a mess. Just done.

  4. Length of Tretinoin Initial Breakout

    Yeah it can vary 100 % . I'm on differin but considering switching to retin a. However I've read stories of people experiencing breakouts even in their 3rd or 4th month!  Think of it like a wave.. its going to be up and down and not every one is the same height. Just be patient and be positive. Which is hard I know for sure
  5. Feeling quite emotion right now. Period is due within a week which may suggest these feelings and why my skin is horrible :'( I just can't cope any more, I'm 24 years old and my skin looks like a teenagers. I'm literally fed up.

  6. So I just want to make this quick. Been on differin for like 25 ish weeks now (ignore my signature) still break out.. not 100 % clear maybe like 75/85% clear depending on the time of month (I do breakout  a week and a half  before my period).   I don't know what to do now. I'm still waiting on a referal for a dermatologist which has been like 6 weeks now but I'm considering going private which I WILL BE asking for accutane.  However I wonder if I should try a different retinoid? Was thinking 0.025 Retin A, so I'm not sure if I should carry on with Differin and fill out another prescription for another 6 months of it OR try out Retin A OR jump the gun and get Accutane. I just don't know what to do :/  I'm only looking for advice and if you have any it's appreciated
  7. solution for these frigging BUMPS

    In getting so frustrated man. Seiously after almost 21 weeks on Differin in still getting these bumps.  They are annoying, don't hurt, ugly and make me feel so self conscious. I'm considering going to my doctor to try Retin A 0.25% or maybe even 0.5% I just feel I need something stronger. Initially Differin was seriously working for me but it seems results have literally stopped.  
  8. Merry Christmas when it comes guys. 

  9.   That's sounds great, I was just wondering because if you were eating enough fats then you should have good energy levels overtime, after the first couple weeks until your body gets used to it. That's a good idea to detox a bit before it with the bone broth yeah and possibly look into digestive enzymes. Omega 6's are quite important, although they have been linked to inflammation they are still essential as well as Omega 3 since the body can't make them. It's important get the ratio of Omegas correct and in the western world today is about 15:1 (omega 6 and Omega 3, respectively) which isn't great. Rapeseed, canola, flaxseed, walnut, olive in small amounts are fine.   
  10.   When you were eating low carb were you also eating plenty of fats too? Avocados, butter, oils, coconut oil, nuts and seeds etc?
  11. Do you tend touch that area alot? You may be doing it subconsciously, like resting your hand on that side of your face.  I didn't realise that when I was doing crunches in the gym I was getting these spots on my temples.. I've stopped placing my fingers near that area when doing such exercises now and noticed a slight improvement
  12. Accutane Tips?

    Moved this to prescription medications, you may get better responses here. It sounds to me like your doing everything you can. I personally find though that Cetaphil dries me out when I use it so maybe looking into a more creamy cleanser may help too.
  13. I don't think all pimples need to be popped. I'd say the ones that need to be popped are when you just KNOW they are ready - all full of puss, sore, get bigger through the day etc. I pop those ones and use my fingers after piercing the spot with a sterile needle. In regards to BP, a thin layer rubbed in is best and yes apply at night time to kill the bacteria causing the spots and effectively dry out the pimples. 
  14. week 21 Differin

    Just a few pics of my skin currently using the differin.  It seems to look better in the pictures than it does in real life.  It's very bumpy and if feels rough and bugs me still. Meh. I've started using it nightly as opposed to every second night and I have also been moisturising with coconut oil which I actually like doing I have alot of PIH too which makes my skin look worse than it does. 
  15. Everything's going to be okay.

  16. What are your theories on the causes of acne?

    Loads of things. Mainly hormones id say and how our bodies hormones react to things like diet, stress inflammation etc. Similarly I believe external factors such as dirt, pollution, bacteria etc also play a role. Every one's body and skin is different. I do find interesting that if one has acne to some degree then their siblings tend to also have some sort of acne too, so perhaps there is genetic factor which plays a role aswell putting one at a higher risk of developing it. 
  17. Rate my acne severeness/10

    Id actually say a 5
  18. Not so good

    Really feeling down right now. Like I feel nothing woks for me anymore. My skins spiralling out of control and I just, I can't seem to grasp it and stop it from happening. I've not got many people to talk to about it and I hate bringing it up but sometimes I just want to tell the world how I feel and how much my acne bothers me because then, maybe they'll accept it too even though I can't. I can't accept it, I don't want it. No one wants it.   I've been through a stressful month with exams and stuff and I've been eating more dairy.. that might be a cause. I don't know. I've been using differin for 21 weeks now and no had much improvement at all, the first couple months I did notice improvement slightly but now.. nothing, my skins got worse. So what's left, Accutane? BCP again? Strict diets?   I'm awaiting am appointment with a dermatologist but I don't know how that'll go down. In ways I want accutane but then again I don't want it. But I really really don't want bad skin because I mentally cannot stand it anymore.
  19. My Differin Log - Retinoids Take 2

    I hope your get togethers on Saturday went well I had a works night out on Friday there but I was really upset with my skin and didn't want to leave the house   Your skin sounds EXACTLY like mines, I have been using differin now for about 20 weeks and haven't really had a drastic improvement. I use it every second night though so maybe that's why. I started using it every evening a couple weeks ago so I'm sticking with that just now and Duac gel in the morning. I have an appointment with a dermatologist coming up soon - really hoping to get accutane! 
  20. Guys, what is this on my chest?

      Thanks for your reply. Honestly I've had acne for 12 years now and seriously out done mostly all treatments available. The only thing I haven't tried is Accutane so I'm just hoping they can let me give it a go. 
  21. My Differin Log - Retinoids Take 2

    What kind of acne is it you have AppleySauce?  I'm just curious because I'm also using differin for stubborn comedonal acne.
  22. Guys, what is this on my chest?

    Thanks for the replies guys This is starting to emotionally upset me now. It's also getting worse and I really don't know what to do I have an appointment with a dermatologist coming up in the next couple months and hoping to get prescribed Accutane  - do you think accutane would help something like this?    It's also getting worse and spreading to my shoulders :'(  I've stopped exercising and been using dove nourishing body wash, I've just started using Duac on it so hopefully it helps.    
  23. Really not good

  24. Accutane and Hair Thinning/Drying

    I've heard before from people that were on accutane that it caused some hair loss which could be the cause of hair thinning I guess. I'd imagine it would dry out the pores on your head to then encourage hair falling out. Maybe talk to your doctor about it?
  25. Life.

    Hating it the now. Ironically my face isn't even bothering me even though it hasn't changed much since the last update... its my BODY. Omg my chest and shoulders and too of back are a mess man. I don't even know how this has happened. I got my mum to change washing powders twice, I've stopped working out as much because of the sweat, started thinking maybe it's a reaction to Polyester clothing so bought cotton bed sheets and going to invest in cotton clothes.   It's the tiny spots.. like a heat rash, fungus? Sometimes they are itchy. However anti dandruff shampoo doesn't hell them but they are everywhere. It's making me feel very unwomanly.   I got referred to a dermatologist finally by my doctor today. I'll receive a letter in a couple weeks telling me when my appointment will be. Also I got a new topical for the morning - Duac. I've used it before with much success.