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  1. Accutane and alcohol

    I drink at least once per week on 50mg.. you'll be fine.
  2. September / seasonal acne

    Are you still using the gel regularly? It's possible that seasons affect acne.. mines most definitely get's better in winter because I don't sweat as much!
  3. What kind of acne do I have

    This isn't a good pic at all so we can't really comment tbh.
  4. Yes I have been taking accutane without going on BC, I am nearing the end of my second month and have had no problens with this, my doctor let me do this. I am now on BC though because I have become sexually active. My doctor allowed me to swear Abstinence basically.
  5. Roaccutane - Day 48 (50mg)

    Hey guys! Figured you all deserved an update. So I go back to the hospital on the 31st of this month to get my blood levels checked again (they do it every 8 weeks here) I'm hoping to ask to get bumped upto 60mg. side effects: okay so obviously this month I got bumped upto 50mg, and I will say that I have noticed a difference in terms of dryness. My lips are seriously dry and peel a ton, I wake up often having bit my lips during the night and they are bloody. My face is MUCH more dry this month, more so that I need to moisturise through the day sometimes. I have noticed I am getting cuts from the slightest things like for example if I scratch my face or bang into something. My body is much more itchy this month, everywhere, and I find I have scratch marks from where I have scratched. Definitely been an increase in joint pain this month, my back feels rather stiff amf generally just sore.. it isnt debilitating though and I am still working out twice a week with regular 5 to 8 mile walks per day. Ive noticed a huge change in how thirsty I am... I am so bloody thirsty it is unreal! I am actually feeling pretty lethargic tbh, moreso than last month anyway.. I find myself not feeling bothered to do anything, mentally I am still rather impulsive and apathetic. skin update: things are good, really good. I still have some comedones and larger papules around my jaw area and perhaps 6 LITTLE comedones on my right cheek along with 1 papule and maybe 10 to 15 little comedones on my left! I started accutane with about easily 40 to 50 on each side of my face. I have 2 spots on my forehead and slight texture issues which I know will resolve.. its clear for the most part though. I have NO spots or comedones on my chin at all or on my chest and back
  6. Its going so well honestly. I have had very little side effects and mainly just extremely dry lips, so far so good and I hope it stays that way. My skin seriously is beautiful in some areas, like perfectly smooth. I'd say my closed comedones (which was my MAIN issue to begin with last year) have decreased by 50%. I'd recommend Accutane in a heartbeat. Oh and I started with 30mg first month and now 50mg until I finish. Check out my blog, I document everything at least once per week.
  7. Honestly I'm glad you brought this up. I was on Differin for 8 months, came off it in Feb and went on another retinoid (Isotrex) for 3 months, came off it in May, face was a MESS. Started differin again in June for 2 months which made my skin no worse or better really THEN I started Accutane in August! I still broke out at the beginning of my Accutane course but not hugely at all. I have STILL been using my Differin every second night alongside being on accutane and in way I do feel its helped prevent a significant outbreak. I know your meant to not use harsh products on your face whilst on Accutane but I have had absolutely NO adverse reactions or anything and now I only use Differin every 3rd or 4th evening but I have 4 month left of my accutane course and right now I can say its the best thing Ive done. Good luck man.
  8. Feed back for Isotrexin Gel

    Oh yeah I have done my research on Accutane endlessly. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make, I had to weigh up the pros and cons. I've had acne for 15 years (I'm 25) and to say it's made my life hell is an understatement. But yeah I've been on it 38 days now and I feel great, I'm actually on medication for my anxiety and depression as well and I have had NO worsening or anything in terms of my mood. I genuinely feel great! I feel a lot of people worry too much about their course and read SO many negative and fearful reviews that they end up experiencing negative side effects like really bad initial breakouts and horrendous joint pain and moodiness etc, but I went into this journey with a huge open mind BELIEVING that this WILL work.. and it is.
  9. Roaccutane Day 37 (50mg) LOL!!!

    I just really want to tell this funny story about what happened last night. On my first date with this guy and ended up kissing, he had a bit of a growth. My skin is a TON more sensitive and this morning I've noticed some skin on my chin has been ripped off by his beard But yeah, be careful with kissing guys! Hahahaha.
  10. Day 34 pics.

    Thank you Sasch! It's doing amazing things already xx
  11. Feed back for Isotrexin Gel

    My honest opinion is DON'T. Do not try it. However realistically if your doc has prescribed it perhaps he/she feels it's a good option then perhaps give it a go? What else have you tried? I tried Isotrex gel.. which is the same WITHOUT the antibiotic (erythromycin) I used it for 3 months to give it a good shot and believe me I had exhausted everything so it was really "my last hope", well it messed up my entire face and NOW I am on Accutane, which is working for me. I guess we need to go through these battles and hurdles to get to the end result though, if I hadnt tried Isotrex then I would probably not be on Accutane. Check out my blog, I wrote my experience about Isotrex on there every week I was on it. Good luck. Again that is MY experience with it.. it may work for others.
  12. Day 34 pics.

    Body acne : Top two pics are before Accutane and bottom two are after 34 days.
  13. Acne or pityrosporum folliculitis?

    What have you done differently the last month? New soap powder? Sweating more? Saunas? Steam rooms? How's your diet? Has it changed the last month? I'd say it doesn't look like acne at all, could definitely be pityrosporum.
  14. Roaccutane Day 33 (50mg)

    Yo guys! So it's just over a month on Accutane and I'm now on 50mg side effects: So my itchy scalp has completely gone away. My hair hasn't thinned at all, i think i was just being paranoid in the beginning. Mood wise I am still acting rather impulsively and pretty energetic/hyper. I have not experienced low mood or decreased energy at all.. I havent cried in a couple weeks actually. Dry skin on arms, its eased with moisturising. My lips are dry as hell and bleed often. Joint pain wise, my lower back and left knee experienced a bit of tenderness when walking but has since gone. acne update: One large spot appeared on my left shoulder which is healing and I have one other tiny one there and thats it. Right shoulder has onlu ONE spot My facial skin is definitely clearing up.. my chin looks great with only 4 tiny spots at the sides of my mouth. Pores are a bit smaller on cheeks, I would say 20% of all the closed comedones I had on the outside of my cheeks have gone!! My forhead has a few spots on each side, only small ones though. My jaw area is still the worst with many bumps and a couple larger spots. I will get pics up soon
  15. Roaccutane Day 23 (30mg)

    Just an update side effects: The past week my journey has been fine, scalp is less itchy now and doesn't bother me really. Body has started peeling on my arms so I need to moisturise them every day. Lips are dry but not un-manageable. I had very slight back pain (bottom left) which was eased by a deep tissue massage. So I feel maybe the pain is typical muscle aches from the gym. I've gained 2 kg in 3 weeks BUT I started weightlifting again so this could be why, and plus I lost a ton of weight before starting accutane due to stress, so this doesnt bother me. Also my exercise and recovery time is not affected. Mentally though I feel different, like restless and a bit impulsive. I feel great tbh but definitely have more energy and feel like I need to move. current acne: I have like 5 active spots on my full face but many red marks and clogged pores around my jaw and edge of cheeks. Inner cheeks, nose and forhead are pretty good. Left shoulder is AMAZING, like 3 tiny red raised bumps on it, right shoulder has 3 active pimples, one cropped up within a night ha! Next week, the 31st, I get bumped upto 50mg.
  16. Week 2 pics (roaccutane)

    I just wanted to post pics I took today on Day 19. I didn't takeep pics on day 1 because I just couldnt. As you can see from these pics the outside of my face/jaw is purging and is the worst. My skin seems to be clearing from the inside out! Ps. Sorry for poor quality photos, I was trying to be discrete lol
  17. Folliculitis or Acne?

    I agree with above, definitely just closed comedones, MILD closed comedones. A retinoid could definitely help and even just a simple salicylic acid cleanser, perhaps a glycolic acid serum of some sort and moisturiser might help too.
  18. Roaccutane - Week 2 (30mg)

    I'll make this short and sweet side effects: scalp still very itchy unfortunately and I have noticed my hair has shed a bit the past couple weeks but I am trying not to overthink this and stay positive! I woke one morning to blood in my nose. My lips are DRY and peel. Thats about it so far. Back pain has improved from last week. acne progress: shoulders have improved dramatically if im honest. I have maybe two pimples on my right and 2 on my left and they feel smoother. Chest broke out this week with tiny pimples and some are gone now. The inside of my face AND forhead have improved but i am now starting to break out around the outside of my cheeks
  19. Hey guys, Just quickly I wanna ask a question about Accutane. So Im on 30mg a day currently and on my second week.. the thing is I have been experiencing an EXTREMELY itchy scalp right which is okay for a few days when i use dandruff shampoo BUT when i wash my hair (every 3rd or 4th day) I notice more hair coming out. I counted 60 hair strands just an hour ago after washing my hair.. apparently its normal to shed upto 100 per day? But obviously I have read many HORROR stories about hair loss on accutane and I am pretty nervous O guess.. I really dont wanna lose my hair, but maybe Im just being paranoid? I was wondering if its normal to shed more hair INITIALLY on accutane amd maybe it stops? Or have any of you got experience with how to handle it?
  20. Roaccutane - Week 1 (30mg)

    So I've decided to write once a week in the blog about how my skin is doing etc on Roaccutane. The first couple days i did not notice anything at all, nothing changed and I didn't feel any different. On the third day I went a walk for about 20 minutes and it was sunny and I actually had some sunburn on my chest for a couple days, I didn't think that would happen so quickly! Side effects : for a few days this week I noticed when I take my pills my right eye twitches for a good 15 minutes which is annoying but its relieved by drinking more water. Ive been experiencing very MILD lower back pain but I started doing a yoga class and some extra exercise so it could have just been that. My lips started getting dry on the 5th day (this is day 8) and now they are pretty dry and I have to apply vaseline every hour. I have been getting increasingly thirsty too, I wake up always needing to drink a ton of water because my mouth is so dry. One huge side effect already is my scalp has been SOOOOOO itchy like unbearably itchy, its really bothering me. Im going purchase some dandruff shampoo BUT I read that putting olive oil on your hair is good to do? Anyone used olive oil on their scalp? Skin update : Hmm.. nothing significant has occured but I have experienced more spots coming out and then clearing after a few days. I just had a whitehead on my upper lip appear overnight! My nose feels smooth but everything else is a mess.
  21. Differin after using benzoyl peroxide

    I used to sometimes put benzoyl peroxide on some larger pimplea after applying differin, this was after I allowed my skin to get used to the differin however after like 4 months. You may do better applying differin at night and BP in the morning.
  22. Time to try Retin-A?

    Retin-A isn't exactly topical Accutane.. that's more Isotrex which is another retinoid that I do not recommend. Retin-A is a retinoid which will work in a similar manner to accutane being that it essentially sheds the skin, albeit slower. I have heard good things about retin-A actually and would recommend a prescription for it as opposed to over the counter retinol. You can start from the lowest percentage and work your way up. Have you tried Differin (Adapalene) gel yet? It's a much gentler retinoid but is very effective.
  23. The wait

    I feel you
  24. Perhaps a retinoid could be good to add into your routine. What do you use currently on your skin?